Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bad Blogger... {MIA}

I have been a bad Blogger...

Its summer and I think that is the best excuse I have...

and just when I want to start Blogging again...

the September Issues come out.. UGH!!!

that's right, the best magazine issues of the year!

here are just 3 of my 20ish magazines I get... all over 650 pages!!

This has been an awesome summer so far....

We have re painted the downstairs of our house..

I have been to Seattle to hang with these girls!

where we laid by the pool

{which way to the gun show??}

we have been to the Zoo 4 times!

I got my Passport!

{look as his cute little mug}

We ordered these to protect my ears at the

U of O Duck and Seahawk football games!!

We have ordered my BIRTHDAY INVITES!!!!

and have been to 15wineries!

we re-did our mortgage last week :)

{super happy with our new rate... ugh,

but what a huge pain in the ass....}

Kallen is getting 4 teeth and taking steps!!

we have spent many nights at the beach

and many other fun things...

I will update more in the next few days :)

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