Thursday, June 9, 2011

Can I have a do over for June 8th?

Yesterday started out as any other day...

Kallen and I were playing around the house

taking it easy...

after 10am is when it started to fall apart :(

when Kallen woke up from his morning nap he felt a little warm,

he had been fussy the day before but nothing too bad.

I took his temp and it was 101.8

I called the pediatrician, we went over some things

to look for and nothing seemed alarming so she told

me to keep and eye on him and to call back if things changed.

Then my mom called,

her car was acting up and was at the dealership getting looked at.

She asked me if I could pick up her keys.


I ran down to Mercedes...

they were still getting her car ready...

so I took a look around the showroom,

{Isn't she pretty}

We are just a few payments away from paying off our Hummer,

I don't think I can help myself from looking...

I have never, NOT had a car payment!!

I think its a little more REALISTIC {ugh, I hate that word}

If we get another SUV, like a Tahoe or Suburban...

But a girl can look, right??

Any hoo.. I grabbed the booklet of the C350

and returned home with my moms keys.

We met my mom and her BF for dinner at 630pm,

then headed back down to the dealership to

pick up her car....

On our way MY car started to make the

most horrific noise I have ever heard...

we were only a few blocks away from the Mercedes Dealership

so that's where I had AAA come get my car and tow it to our

mechanic, I would normally have my FIL look at it

but he is on a whirlwind trip through Europe right now.

{lucky guy!!}

after all that we FINALLY get home at 930pm

My mom is on the phone with Tommy

{the BF of 16 years, isn't there another word?

it makes them seem like they are 16 using BF & GF}

Surprise, Surprise his car is now making a weird noise!!!

{3 cars down in 1 day}

we all try to go to bed,

but I wake up at 1245am to my little guy

and an AWFUL cough!

We call the advise nurse at 1am and they asked

us to bring him into the Emergency Room..

This is our first {middle of the night} ER trip.
Now his temp is 102.3
they rule out Coop Cough and say it just a
respiratory infection and may last 3 days to 3 weeks..
Oh, and it will get way worse before it gets better..
The good news is we were in and out of the ER
in less than 45 minutes!
We gave him some infant Advil
and to bed he went till about 345am..
So I brought him into bed with us and he slept till 7am.

Today is a new day,
the sun is shining
Kallens temp is back down to 101
he is in good spirits
I have a fun girls night planned for tomorrow
and hopefully its an easy fix with my car :)
Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh man! I really hope Kallen gets better and your car is easily fixed (for all three of you.)

  2. UGHHH!!! I hate days like that! I hope he feels better soon!