Monday, May 2, 2011

What was I thinking?

Yesterday I almost killed my son..


I have given him a few apple cores to chew on..

and have sent pic's to my mom and hubby thinking is oh, so, cute!

well, yesterday he was able to gnaw off a piece..

and choke on it.

As he was trying to breath, making that horrible choking sound

and tears were running down his face

I put him on his stomach, with my fist under his tiny rib cage

and I started to pat on his back..


his eyes were closing and the tears we slowing down

I turned him over again and gave him one more

strong PAT on the back..


apple chunks everywhere and a coughing baby

I think that's when I remembered to start breathing...

I scooped the rest of the apples out of his mouth and hugged him


Don't let baby's teeth on apple cores...


  1. oh my word, that is so scary! Plus, apple seeds have arsenic (trace amounts,) but if he ate some that wouldn't be the best!

  2. So glad he was okay, and good job reacting mama :) Motherhood is full of these moments!

  3. ok...I'm laughing...but only because this is something that I would totally do...and that he is ok.

    The other day I gave Aydan the level 3 foods and he started coughing....I have never yanked him out of his chair so fast....he was fine...not even choking, just coughing :)

  4. Oh my I am sitting her thinking as I read your post that I don't think I would know what to do if that happened to Kendall. I am sure we all react somehow like you did though! Glad everything turned out OK for him!!