Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SAHM vs Working From Home {Politically Correct @ Swim Class?!}

So, yesterday at swim class I was talking to another mother about how cute her little girl is and how adorable Kallen
{cause remember its an all dad and baby swim class :)}
Making great conversation, giggling and taking photos of our babies
she asked me a question I wasn't ready for:

"Do you work outside the home?"
Imagine me, deer headlight... thinking, racking my brain... what kind of job does she think I do inside the home, my husbands finances, Real Estate, on line specialist?
Totally confused...
my answer.. "Um, I work on weekends at a gallery"
the other mom "Oh, so your able to stay at home during the week?"
me "yep! A weekday SAHM"
the other mom "I just have friends who prefer to say they work at home raising children rather then say they are a stay at home mom."

Which lead me to think a lot last night about jobs...

{this is MY blog and MY opinion, so don't get too pissy with me if you don't agree!}

I'm lucky enough to be able to stay at home with my little guy during the week and get away with working 3 weekends a month.. But I DON'T think its my JOB to stay at home!
Its my choice!
When I'm at home {or just with my little guy in general} I LOVE it!
and in NO way shape or form would I CHOOSE anything else :)
A job pays bills and puts food on the table...

So moms em I WAY off on this one?
are you a Stay at Home Mom or do you work from home?


  1. I stay home and when people ask me if I work, I definitely don't say "Why yes, my occupation is stay at home mom."! BUT, it is most definitely a job, only a much harder job because there are no bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, and of course not monetary compensation. Before baby, I worked since I was able to, a lot of times two jobs so I know what it means to have a job. What makes SAHM a "job"? Well, even though I absolutely LOVE it and would not trade it for anything, it has to be done. If I'm tired or sick, I just can't sit on the couch all day and say, 'nah...don't really feel like it today'. I am doing the same work a nanny would be doing if I were working outside of the house, so it's not the most traditional of jobs, but it is definitely work.

  2. You are a stay at home mom. Granted people under estimate the amount of jobs a SAHM does, so, I can understand the argument, but SAHM is still your role. I will be working from home, but will not be a SAHM as my children will be going to school and daycare until my workday is complete.

  3. I don't think a being a SAHM mom is a job, it's an honor! There are so many moms who must juggle full time jobs and wrestle with guilt, anxiety and depression on a daily basis because they are simply not able to stay at home in order to uphold financial stability for their family (also a very important role!) So if a mom (or dad) is able to stay at home, they should consider themselves lucky that they are afforded the choice and even more so that they are afforded to opportunity and honor of being able to be so active in raising their own children! You go girl!

  4. I LOVE being able to stay at home with Tristan. I'm lucky enough to be able to ALSO work from home for a "paying job". So funny that you brought this up, they were just talking about the SAHM the other day on CNN or some channel Tristan turned the TV to. Do you know that if a SAHM was to be appropriately compensated as if they were "going to work" - the experts say that on average, we would EARN in excess of $350,000/year?!! That's right, we may not bring home the $$ but the value that being able to stay at home and raise your children brings, in my opinion, far exceeds having that extra money in the bank!! I wouldn't trade what I do for ANYTHING!!!!!!!!

  5. I'm a SAHM and I love it!! I do, however, have to sometimes convince my husband that it is hard work..and not all fun and games! And I do need the occasional break to have some alone time or girl time. You know.. So I don't go crazy!! ( I have two under two that are 13 mos apart). Great post!!!!

  6. I work from home now (I have a full-time paying job) and will continue to work from home (same full-time paying job) AND be a SAHM. In essence, I will be working 2 full time jobs ;)

    I do think being a SAHM is a job--but, it's a job you (and your hubby) have *chosen* for your family. It's not something you're forced to do, it's something you've chosen to do and are happy to do...most days ;)

    Just my opinion!

  7. I'm not a parent yet... but I think throws me off when people say they are working fulltime as a stay at home parent and the job comes without breaks. Yes, they are always 'on call' with the child and the age of the child does make a difference, but seriously you aren't 100% engaged with the child during the whole day. A stay at home parent can actually go out during the day and do fun stuff while the rest of us are stuck in an office… day after day…. surrounded by people we don’t like and didn’t choose to put in our lives. Would I be a stay at home parent – why yes! Would I consider it an underpaid job or even a job – heck no! Like another person said, this is something you choose and you wanted this child(ren). One of my favorite statements is “I or spouse has to stay home to babysit the kids”. They are your kids you don’t babysit them, you are their caregiver by choice.