Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have you had a shellac manicure?

I have heard a lot of my friends talk about a

Shellac Manicure.. even my MOM!

They claim to last 14 days!!

I can only keep a Manicure for about 72

Friends say they last anywhere from 10 days to a MONTH!!

My nails are SO soft they seem to start to chip

as soon as the pain is dry... :(

So yesterday, I also jumped on the band waggon!

we will see how long they last...




  1. Well I haven't heard of them. Now-a-days, I haven't had a manicure in so long I can't remember how long they usually last but I'm pretty sure about 72 hours, like you said! Let me know how this one goes!!

    BTW: When did you get more bands?? Beautiful

  2. I have and I love them! I hated the first one I got because the girl took FOREVER to put it on. But then I learned I just got someone who was new to shellac. I found a better girl and now I love it. It does last 2-3 weeks for me! I've found lighter, nude colors last longer because it's less obvious that my nails have grown out. I loved the dark colors for fall but while they didn't usually chip at 2 weeks, they looked grown out a bit.

    Hope you enjoy your manicure!

  3. My manicures didn't even last 72 hours! More like 2 not worth it!

    I had a Shellac mani & pedi done before our cruise in February. LOVE them...absolutely NO chipping 4 weeks later, but my nails grow so fast (thank you, prenatals!) that you could totally see them all grown out.

    Regardless, it's a great way to get at least 2 weeks of a manicure without chipping!

  4. Oh, I've gotten then quite a few times...and though I think it depends on the salon, I definitely think they should last over a week. My first time was for our wedding and literally it was perfect and stayed on for almost 3 weeks without any chips!! The last time I got it (about a month ago), wasn't as successful and lasted about a week...but that was the first time I had ever gone without two weeks before showing a sign of a chip.

  5. Oh I've heard ot that but never tried it! you must let me know how long it lasts! I am the same as you, practially 1 day later they are chipped!

  6. I have been wanting to get it for awhile now, can't wait to read your review on it!