Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tummy Sleeper = Night Crawler

I need HELP!
Well, maybe some suggestions...
My perfect little angel is just that..
At our 4 month visit with the pediatrician we
talked about sleep, and how we should start
letting Kallen fall asleep on his own.
In his crib.
{ He would usually fall asleep on his own downstairs,
while eating or we were rocking his to sleep}
And per the pediatrician we did that!
and since the first night,
he has been falling asleep peacefully in
his crib, only one night if whimpers
in the past 2 weeks!!
{Hello mommy and daddy time ;p}

I have also, for the past few weeks few been working
on lots of tummy time and rolling exercises
I learned at Gymboree..
And they work great and are lots of fun!!
I have a night crawler!!
I lay him down at the bottom of his crib
at night and turn off the lights
and he falls asleep at a bout 8pm..
and about 12am
and again at 3am
He wakes up SCREAMING
because he has crawled to the
top of his crib and is stuck!!
any ideas or suggestions?
{this is a cute photo I took of Dylan getting Kallen
from a nap.. I was watching on the monitor!}


  1. HOW CUTE! Well I would suggest that you go in there, let him know everything is OK, maybe move him so he isn't stuck but don't do what we did...HAD HIM SLEEP WITH US! It took us about 2 weeks of HELL to get him to break that habit! Still though, you guys are so lucky to have a sleeper! Just know that "this too shall pass!"

  2. How 'bout tying a leg to the end of the crib when you initially put him down? Just talked to George and he suggested baby hand cuffs snapped around an ankle..the senior generation...just trying to be helpful :-}

  3. I like Victoria's suggestion...or have Dylan make him a circular crib so he can just keep going around and around