Monday, January 24, 2011

Kallen @ 4 Months!! and mini photo shoot :)

Kallen is already 4 Months old!!!

I cant believe it!!!

age: 17 Weeks

weight: 17lb 6oz 91%

height: 27 in 80%

clothes: 3-6 but mostly mostly 6-9 month size

cooing: yes!

smiles: I think he smiles most of the time :)

and giggles SO MUCH!!!

I love it!!!

eating: every 3-4 hours.

we bought some rice cereal and solid {stage 1}

baby food this weekend...

I think we might try sometime week :)

cries: only when he is fighting sleep and really tired

naps: depends.. when I'm at work he cat naps..

at home he usually takes 3 ~ 1 hour naps

sleeping: he goes to bed between 7 and 8pm and usually

sleeps till about 5 or 6am

binky: no, he has never really liked them.

he is mostly a fist sucker.. he has tried his thumb and pointer

and didn't really like!

bottle: loves them

eyes: blue, like his daddy but just a tad darker

hair: full head of light brown

loves: his hands, exisauser, getting baths, the TV {oops!}, sound effects and Gymboree!!

hates: not much... maybe the dogs barking and falling asleep sometimes..

mini photo shoot from last week


  1. What a little porker! He is too cute.. and the hair sweep?!? To die for!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love all those rolls!! Wow, 91 and 80 pecentiles! Great job mommy!