Thursday, December 16, 2010

Favorite Toys....

Kallen is loving his exersaucer right now :)
Even though he is not tall enough to play
with the other side..

Along with his tummy time mat from Pottery Barn
I did add a mirror to the top of it,
that he LOVES!
Who is that other baby??
He can spend up to an hour on this mat!

Does anyone have any other suggestions
of toys for under 1 year old boys?
Any good books?
How long do you read to your babies?
Kallen seems to have the attention of books
for about 3 1/2 to 4 min... lol!

This weekend I'm going to try to work a full day
at the Gallery WITHOUT Kallen,
Wish us all luck!
I hope I can survive all day without Kal
and I hope Dyl can survive WITH Kal all day :)


  1. Depending how good he is with his hands. Michael likes rattles and toys that light up with music.. Babies like lights and music so get somthing like that. Target has a section that has 0-6 on the top of the isle so those toys would be best for him.. Now for books, you need to read to him all the time no matter what even if he isnt paying attention he will get used to it. Still young though for books. U can get look and feel books for him that he can feel things while u read it. (this is megan btw lol )

  2. He's too little now, but the baby boys that I have watched LOVED the jumperoo! I also just got a giant foam mat that has been fun with all the different colors and big puzzle pieces- good for babies and toddlers. Baby einstein videos also come in handy once in a while- they are boring for us, but the little ones love them!

    He is such a cutie! :)

  3. He;s getting so big! I feel like just yesterday you announced that you'd had him. Good luck surviving a day without him, I'm STILL jealous you get to take him to work.

  4. Such cute pics!! Def keep reading to him... he will soon be begging for you to read more books!

  5. I have a son just his age and his favorite things to do right now are the exersaucer and the baby einstein videos! He is also enjoying Sophie the Giraffe right now as I think he is teething!