Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Buddy and Me!!

Well, day 3 of work went really well!!
This was the third Wednesday I have gone
to the gallery and "worked"..
I don't know how "productive" I am
with him with me..
But it sure has been fun!!!
We have had several visitors come t see us :)

He is such a great baby!!
The only times he has been fussy
is when friends come in and the attention
is not on him or I'm on the phone,
But I have learned that can be stopped with
a bottle or pacifier.. so I'm more prepared
as the days go!
It also helps that the average age of customers
this time of year are Grand or Great
And they all want to see the BABY!!

I think were going to keep up the one day a week till the end of
February, cause things tend to bet busier in March!

So if your in Cannon Beach, swing by and say HI!!


  1. Oh, so fun! Sometimes I wish I could strap Connor in the Bjorn and teach... I think that would be too distracting for eighth graders, though.

  2. What a little cutie! Enjoy him just being a baby and sitting there, pretty soon he'll be running around before you know it:-)