Friday, November 12, 2010

I am NOT a GLEEK!!!

But OMG...

Did you see this??

and to be honest, I have only seen one other episode..

Yes, it was the Britney Spears one with everyone else.. lol

Along with football and wresting, my {all man} hubby was in Choir

he also got a kick out of this too!

I have never heard acapella done SO well!

We will now be watching the rest of the season!


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm not a Gleek either, but I may need to become one! That's incredible!

  2. Seriously...I got shivers when I heard it!! Love LOVED it!!!

  3. aww welcome to the darkside :) I am a huge Gleek!

  4. i am obsessed with this show...i LOVED when they sang that song. i was smiling like a cheeseball, seriously..haha!

  5. You best become a Gleek, although you have already seen the best 2 episodes there are. Welcome to the club!! :)

  6. Did you watch the entire episode? I loved both of the mashups. I may or may not be rewatching them right now :P


  7. I AM TOTALLY A GLEEK!!!!!! Have been since the beginning and this is the BEST song that this show has ever done. Since you haven't seen any other episode other than the Britney one, go to youtube and look at the Lady Gaga poker face - another favorite cover of mine that Glee did!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this one though. I listen to it like at least 5 times a day since I saw it on the show!! SO GOOD

  8. I just started watching Glee while on Maternity friend had all of season one and since there is nothing on during day time TV...i thought I would check out what all the fuss was about. I quickly became addicted!

  9. I am a Gleek but my fav show is still the one with Kurt doing Beyonce Single Ladies See if you can you tube it!