Monday, November 29, 2010

12 week challenge!!

I HATE running,
I mean, really, really hate running!
But I'm going to start :)

Dylan and I have done the Shamrock Run
a few times, but we have only walked the 5k's.
Next year I want to run it!
And when I say next year,
It's more like 4 months from now!

This morning I started my "training"!
Since I had Kallen I have totally SLACKED
on getting back in to shape.
First we had Halloween,
then Thanksgiving
and next up is Christmas!
If I keep going the way I am
I will be back up to my delivery weight!

I'm going to start off slow and walk
and add a little running everyday!
I have picked 12 weeks because
my Birthday is in 12 weeks from now an
The Shamrock Run is in 15 weeks..
So depending on how well I do,
I may bump it up to the 8k!
But my goal for right now is the 5k!

I'm going to try to post once a week how
my training is going and hopefully
all my improvements to keep me on top of it!

March 13th is right around the corner :)

any tips, suggestions or words of encouragement are appreciated!!


  1. Good for you, you can do it. I as well hate running but I am promising myself that after this baby I will become the runner I want to be. I look forward to your updates, good luck!

  2. Aw, thats great!! My biggest motivation while running is music, so make sure to have some good tunes!! I think you have a great plan with combing walking and running. That will really help! Just adding a little more distance each day will make a huge difference. And I've been told you shouldn't run every day. The muscles need some time to relax:)

  3. Good for you! You will be glad to get out there and have some time to just clear your mind and be by yourself, babies can be very demanding on mommas! That sounds like a reasonable goal and you may just find that you want to run more than the 5k! Good Luck! Hope that precious baby is doing well!

  4. After you see how good you feel, you will LOVE running! After we give birth, we can REALLY do anything if we just put our minds and hearts to it. (I know it's hard - BELIEVE ME! At least you have a baby who sleeps!! :) )

  5. Risley you go girl!! It is so great for the mind and body!

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  6. If you have an iphone or an ipod touch I highly recommend you get one of the couch to 5K apps because that takes the pain out of running and trains you to run a 5k no problem! I have been doing it as well to get back in shape after my sons birth!