Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Suggestions for a soon to be MOM...

I'm getting ready to start deep cleaning
and getting all of Baby W's clothes ready to wear..

Do any of you moms have cleaning products you LOVE?

I have been told by several moms to use DREFT
for the little ones laundry..
Do any of you use it?
suggest any other products?

Now down to the Nitty Gritty...
How about cleaning products for floors, showers/baths,
windows and the kitchen?
I already use Mrs Meyers and have loved using it but
lately I'm kinda getting sick of the smell...
I don't know if its the pregnancy or if I'm just
getting sick of!!!

Any suggestions would be great!


  1. We were told to use draft as we but when we did price comparison and compared the ingredients we discovered ALL free and clear was better all around and cheaper!! So that's what we use and we use it for our laundry so I dot have to worry about doing separate loads for ryleigh!

    As for cleaning I use meijers naturals and bar keepers friend.

  2. I use Dreft for Connor and I even started washing my clothes in it. Their skin is so sensitive and you hold them most of the day so what you wash your clothes in matters as well. He is now three months old so I have now started using Tide Free and Clear with our laundry. Hopefully the switch won't disturb his sensitive skin!

    As far as cleaning products, I use the Colorox natural window cleaner and the bathroom gets cleaned with the 99% natural scrubbing bubbles cleaner. I used something previously and the smell got to me to. The scrubbing bubbles cleaner smells great!

    I hope this helps!

  3. You will probably be okay using any free and clear detergent for the laundry, and you will save a few bucks too. Dreft is really over priced I never used it and my kids never had an issue. And I don't know any mom who can function without clorox wipes.

  4. I bought one container of Dreft and then moved to All Free and Clear. Don't waste your money on Dreft. Also, Shaklee makes awesome all-natural cleaning products. Their h2 is the best!!

  5. In my opinion Dreft is too expensive!! We just use "free and clear" detergent and Blake has never had any issues with it! I think that you could save yourself some $$!!