Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is this MY car?

I guess this is the view in my car now..
We had our Car Seat installed Monday and
I still cant get over it!!
We decided to get a Peg Perego.
Dylan and I both really like it!
It had great reviews, fits into our
BOB Revolution Stroller and is
pretty light for caring our lil man
around town :)

We also already have a Britax
Marathon for our guy in a few months :)


  1. You will LOVE your BOB. Even my husband will tell otehrs how great it is. Enjoy the gadgets that come with little baby boy!

  2. wow! that's so exciting! you are so close to meeting the little guy! :)

  3. the installation of the car seat always seems to be a big battle from what I hear, so congrats to you! looks great :)