Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anniversary Recap!

Year 4!
Our Anniversary snuck up on us this year..
With a baby on the way,
Dylan working 70 miles away from home
and lots of other things going on...
We really didn't have much time to
plan, like we usually do.
But with that said..
It was a wonderful evening!
Like usual.. we got small cake from Helen Burnhart
the bakery that made our Wedding Cake!

Our wedding cake was 3 tiers with different flavors,
so every year we get a small cake that is 1 of the flavors..YUMMY!
Being pregnant I almost ordered all the flavors..lol!
I resisted.
We Enjoyed Vanilla Cake, with Marrionberry filling
and Cream Cheese frosting....
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner downtown Portland
at McCormick and Schmicks Harborside on the Willamette River

And for our GIFT..
As you might remember I was struggling with this years gift
What was my BRILLIANT idea??
Well, Kinda..
How about wine!!
We have a lovely winery just about a mile from our house
that has a wine club, so we are now proud members!!

We will receive wine 4 times a year
Free tasting whenever we want
with a guest each :)
15% off bottles of wine
and invites to special events at the winery!
The gift that will keep giving all year long!


  1. Happy anniversary!

    GREAT gift idea!

  2. Oh what a fun anniversary celebration! & I love the modern take on fruit!

  3. What a graet gift!!! Smart lady. :) Happy anniversary to both of you. I hope you are feeling terrific.

  4. Fabulous! Happy 4 years to you and the Mr.

  5. Thats a great idea for a gift. I think its awesome that you stick with the themes

  6. Happy Anniversary...what a perfect gift for the "fruit" year :)