Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Anniversary Gift Suggestions??

Suggestions Anyone??
Our 4th Wedding Anniversary is TOMORROW!
and we have NO idea what to get...
We have tried to get presents off
the "traditional" gift list... with a TWIST!
Here is what we have done in the past.
Any ideas or suggestions would be great!!
Thanks :)

1st Anniversary
For our first anniversary we took a
We Flew down to San Diego and spent 11 days
driving up the HWY 1 & 101 coast.
We ended up at a U of Oregon Duck
Football Game.
So, year 1 was Airplane and Game tickets
2nd Anniversary
For our second anniversary we got new sheets!
We picked out new throw pillows, blankets,
sheets, duvet cover and dust ruffle.

3rd Anniversary
This one was a little tricky for us..
We thought and thought about this one??
We ended up with "The Duke"
a leather NFL regulation Football
We both love football so it just made sense!
It sits over our!!

4th Anniversary
This is the one I NEED HELP WITH!!
Any ideas or suggestions?
Neither of us have a major green thumb,
So, I'm not looking for "a bouquet of flowers"
or a "tree" or "plant" of some kind..



  1. I say "edible Arrangement"! hahaha I'm always looking for a reason to get one lol

    Other than that I have NO idea! I didn't know 4 years was flowers/fruit. That seems so boring! :(

    Congrats on 4 years though!!!!

  2. hmmm...that is a toughy. Well, for us we would probably just buy a new tree but if you're not looking for anything planty then that makes it really hard!

  3. Well... for you, how about a piece of jewelry that looks like a flower??

    Or you could go apple picking somewhere (fruit) and stay at a nice B&B and make a weekend of it!