Monday, August 16, 2010

Manic Monday...

Another fabulous weekend has gone by...
Ok, where do I start?

Thursday Dylan and I went to the Sneak Peak
Grand opening of Big Al's.
Its a $25 million facility that has
bowling, sports bars and game areas!
Any kind of expectations we had were TOTALLY blown away!
With a little kiddo on the way,
I'm sure we will be spending a lot of time there :)
The GRAND Opening is today and I think were going
to head over there after Hubby gets home from work!!

Friday was a nice and relaxing day of
lunch with a friend and shopping...
lots and lots of shopping....
I tell ya, this kid is going to have one heck of a wardrobe :)

Saturday was Baby Shower #3!!
{I will post some photos hopefully
tomorrow, I cant find my camera.. ugh!}
It started off with a wonderful mani & Pedi
then I was off to enjoy a Chocolate shake for breakfast!
My shower was wonderful :)
Thanks Victoria and Katherine
and of course Elliott and Christian ;)
{again, photos and details to come when I can find my damn camera}
Saturday night was a wild one...
I slept 12 hours!! lol

Sunday Dylan and I worked at the beach,
which was SO NICE!!
While it was in the high 90*s in the city
the Coast was in the mid 60*s...

I cant believe I only work 7 more {10 hour} days this month!
Then I'm only part time in September... WOO HOO!!
Summer has FLOWN by!!
and I'm ok with that :)

Today I'm going to tackle the baby room:
I have all my present to assemble, unpack, wash and put away!

On a side note...
I think we have a name!!!
Its not really anything we were thinking before,
we saw it in a baby book on Friday and tried to
use it over the weekend when we talked about Baby W!
I like the short version and Dylan likes the long version..
and then we have the spelling...
Oh, and then we have 3 contenders for the middle name..
Happy Monday!!


  1. Oooh, can't wait to find out the name. And also, all the loot in the nursery looks amazing!

  2. Can't wait to hear the name - congrats on picking something!!

  3. Wow...that kid is going to be well taken care of! Can't wait to hear the name...if you're sharing!

  4. wow!! That is a lot of gifts can't wait to see your room :)

  5. Oooh can't wait to hear the name:-)

  6. HOLY baby supplies...that room is packed!!

    Cant wait to hear the name!!!

  7. Isn't it hard to pick out a name? It seems like boy names are harder too.

  8. Can't wait to hear the name!

  9. I can not wait to hear the name!! :) The baby shower pictures are awesome! Looks like you had a great time!