Tuesday, July 6, 2010

101 days to go...

Time is really flying by..
I have only 101 days till my due date
and less than 85 days till I start maternity leave.
I'm trying to work through September but that will all depend on Baby W
I think my doc and I have agreed if all goes well I will probably stop driving
myself {cause its about 80 miles} after mid September, maybe sooner.
I cant remember a day in my recent past that I haven't left the house..
so this will be interesting!

My plan right now is to take the Holidays off and enjoy them with my new family :)
I will probably return to work sometime in mid- January/early February with baby boy.
Yes, I am able to bring baby to work with me :)


  1. Time does fly when you have a baby on the way. i have 135 days to go!

  2. you are one lucky mama to bring baby boy to work with you :)

  3. Oh lucky you! You get to bring him with you! THat's awesome! I can't believe you're getting so close!

  4. Wow! What do you do that you can bring your baby to work with you?

  5. It seems like just a month ago you made the announcement! It's so awesome you get to bring him to work, too :)

  6. That's wonderful that you can bring the baby with you! I am going to do that as well (most of the time) and I cannot wait!

  7. Almost in double digits!! I'm jealous...how are you going to take baby to work?! What do you do??

  8. That is wonderful you can bring your sweet babe to work!