Friday, July 30, 2010

Camera Suggestions???

Does anyone have any camera suggestions?
We are thinking about buying a new camera soon so we can take thousands of {WONDERFUL} photos of our new addition!

I think my hubby is pretty set on the
Canon Rebel...
Anyone have it?
Do you love it or Hate it?
Is there another one we should be looking at?
Anything else less than $700 that is just as good?
Any input would be great!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby/Pregnancy Survey.. 29 Weeks!

I found this cute survey at Katies blog. She has an adorable blog and is expecting in November. If you get a chance check her blog out!

About the mommy:
Name: Risley
Age: 32
Is this the first child?: Yes, I mean kinda.. We have 2 furry ones that were our "test kids".lol

About the daddy:
Name: Dylan
Age: 30
Is this the first child?: See my answer above :)

Finding out:
What day did you find out you were pregnant?: Thursday February 4th 2010

How did you feel when you found out?: Complete disbelief. I knew I was, but after the 2 negative tests earlier that week I just couldn't believe it...

Who was with you?: Dylan

How did the daddy react?: Pretty much the same way I did.. we couldn't believe seeing "Pregnant" after seeing "not pregnant" before.

Telling the grandparents:
How did you parents react?: Excited! I told my mom the morning of my birthday! I called her and told her before we went out to my birthday dinner, after our doctors apt to confirm the pregnancy.. I knew I would of cried {happy tears} at dinner. lol

How did his parents react?: Totally excited too! Dylan slipped and told his dad about 2 weeks before were said we were going to tell them.. but he was a good secret keeper! We told his mom on her birthday! It was the day we heard the heart beat for the first time :) St Patricks Day!

How often do they call to check on you?: Dylan's parents check in with him all the time and I talk to my mom just about everyday and see her about 4 days a week. So everyone is in the know :)

About the pregnancy:
When is your due date?:October 15th
How far along are you right now?: 29 weeks!
Have you had an ultra sound?: Yes! 5 of them.
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes, Several times
Sex of the baby: BOY
What do you want. Boy or Girl?: We really wanted a BOY and we are overjoyed, but Im more attracted to pink than ever right now.. lol
Do you know what you are having now?: Boy oh BOY do we!
Are you happy with what you are having?: Definitely. We wanted a boy first ...

About the birth:
Who is going to be with you?: Probably just my Hubby and mom
Are you going to video tape it?:Um, NO. maybe a few photos but no thankyou to cameras "down south"
Natural or medicated?: Give me drugs :)

Do you think you will have a c-section?: I have no idea, but My hubby and I both were both C-section babies, so.. If I have to it does not scare me..

Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby?: To start, I have always been emotional.. I cry when watching A Baby Story and Bringing Baby Home... so YES! I think I will.

Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold it?: No, not at all..

Are you scared about the labor?: Terrified actually!

Do you have a name picked out?: We have a few.. but are still going back and forth..

Is your baby going to be named after anyone?: Depends on which name we choose..

Did the daddy help pick the name?: Yes!

Other random questions:
Where was your baby conceived?: LOL! Really? at home..

Have you felt the baby move?: YES! More and more each day!

What was your first symptom?: The plus sign on the pregnancy test I took.

Will you have godparents?: Nope

Who will be the god mommy?:

Who will be the god daddy?:

What is the baby's room theme?: Red, White, Green and Navy Blue..

{Photos Here}

Are you ready to be a mommy?:I think so.. lol! I have never been "baby crazy". If it weren't for my hubby really wanting a family soon.. who knows when we would have started. I couldn't be HAPPIER with the way things have been falling into place :)

What do you think the baby will be a "daddys girl/boy" or a "mommys girl/boy"?: I'm sure daddy's boy. But I DO hear little boys love their mommas!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Someone might know me....

This weekend I had a lovely baby shower
at the beach Hosted By Donna O'Brien.
I will post some photos of the shower later this week
when I have a little bit more time..
BUT I had to share a photo of this onesie she got me:

As much as Dylan will let me get away with...
YES, he will be a little Burberry Baby!

Monday, July 26, 2010

3D/4D Photos!

On Friday we had 2 appointments.
First off a doctor apt that went really well..
Our Doc is still going to monitor our lil Baby W's heart beat
{now at my every other week apt.}
but after going over our last Ultrasounds with other
doctors the irregular beats we were hearing from his heart
were "too irregular" to start seeing a specialist right now..
Our fingers are crossed that his heart will
fix its self before he is born :)

Our next apt was at a 3D/4D Ultrasound clinic..
where we got these photos!!


My mom and I totally think he looks my hubby
and my hubby totally thinks he has my smile :)
It was so much FUN!!!!
I totally recommend doing this if you have a chance!
We also got a DVD of the ultrasound that is about 45 min..
So that was our wild Friday night..
watching the DVD about 4 time!!

Happy Monday :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

28 weeks

How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: I'm up about 4 lbs since my 25 week apt. {GRAND TOTAL = 18lbs}
Maternity clothes? Yes, wearing pants, both maternity and regular tops!
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Still getting a ton of sleep! People are warning me that may change here pretty quick as the baby gets bigger and so do I... So I'm taking there suggestions and taking naps every once in a while and I'm usually still sleeping 7-10 hours a night.
Best moment: Well, It was pretty fun about a week ago when Dylan felt a BIG kick! To see his eyes light up and get big was pretty funny! "he's doing THAT to you?" lol
Have you told family and friends: Oh yes!
Movement: Yes! More and more each day :) with feeling kicks closer and closer to my ribs all I can think is, Damn you short torso..
Food cravings: No, still nothing really.. no aversions either.
What I miss: Hmmm, recently my belly has been getting in the way... I'm just not moving around the way I used to.
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope :)
Have you started to show yet: Yes, each week its noticeably getting bigger and bigger.
Gender prediction:BOY!
Labor Signs: Nope
Belly Button in or out? In
Happy or Moody most of the time: Hormones have taken over a little bit.. tears just come and I have NO reason why??
Weekly Wisdom: I keep getting off track. I have only working out 2 days a week... I need to step it back up to 3 or 4 times a week. I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I stay on my workout schedule :)
Milestones: 3rd TRIMESTER!!! WOO HOO! I'm down to the double digit days left, 83 to go!

Tomorrow we have a doctors apt in the morning with a glucose test followed by a 3D Ultrasound in the afternoon!
We cant wait to see what our baby looks like
This weekend I'm having baby shower #2 at the beach :)
I cant wait to see everyone :)
So much fun stuff to look forward to!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Before and After Baby Room

Saturday night we assembled the crib and
somewhat finished the nursery..
I say "somewhat" because
I'm about 90% happy with it..
We still have some little things, like..
*Where is the book shelf going?
*Picking out curtains
*Area rug?
You know, the little things..

Here is the START:

Do you see the pattern is the same as the wall? :)
Trying to figure out the height of the mattress..
Oh, the fun times of first time!!
Tying on the bumper!
OK, Now for some before and after shots
because I think they art FUN! lol


I think I have posted some photos of the art
but here they are again!
They are all done by a local artist
He is from Camas Wa.
I have been collecting them since I was in college!
I always knew they would be perfect for a baby's room :)
We carry most of his art at the Gallery I work at
but, all the ones I have you can no longer get..
Collectors Items! oh, la la... lol!!

Next up:
Blueberries walk in closet....

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July!

Well,I may be about a week behind..
but better late than never, right?
4th of July in my home town is AMAZING!!
Cannon Beach is home to about 1,200 people
year round and grows to about 12,000 in the summer.
I'm pretty sure the town was at capacity during the parade!

right before the parade started
my mom snapped this photo :)
People getting all lined up!

The parade was about an hour long this year
and seems to get longer and longer each year!

this last weekend we attended 2 birthday parties of
childhood friends who just moved back to the Portland are..
Its so much fun to reconnect with them after all these years!!
Were all married and grown up!
Thank you Facebook for reconnecting us!! LOL

Saturday afternoon we went shopping with Dylan's
mom and step dad for a CRIB!!
{we did have one but it was on that
huge recall a few weeks ago..}
So our WILD Saturday night was filled
putting this bad boy together!

I will post more photos of the room tomorrow!
as of right now we have no news of baby W's heart,
and per our Doc, "no news was good news"
Our next Apt is Friday the 23rd, we have a Doc apt
in the morning and a 3D Ultrasound that afternoon :)
I think I gained about 6lbs this past few weeks, UGH!
I'm pretty sure I ate instead of stressed...
So TODAY is a new day and I'm back with a fresh
mind set and attitude :)
Happy Monday Everyone!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today we celebrated my grandmas Birthday
at the Heathman Hotel with High Tea!

What a fun afternoon :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

101 days to go...

Time is really flying by..
I have only 101 days till my due date
and less than 85 days till I start maternity leave.
I'm trying to work through September but that will all depend on Baby W
I think my doc and I have agreed if all goes well I will probably stop driving
myself {cause its about 80 miles} after mid September, maybe sooner.
I cant remember a day in my recent past that I haven't left the house..
so this will be interesting!

My plan right now is to take the Holidays off and enjoy them with my new family :)
I will probably return to work sometime in mid- January/early February with baby boy.
Yes, I am able to bring baby to work with me :)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Makin' Me Fall In Love Again

I heard this song last week and couldn't help listening to it over and over

If anything this pregnancy has brought me and my hubby

closer and closer... I love him more than ever before :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Whats wrong with Baby W??

On Wednesday I went in to my monthly check up. At my 20 week apt the little boy was moving around so much the Ultrasound tech couldn't get all the photos she needed.. The top of his head was a little buried and every time she went to get a photo he would move.
So before my apt on Wednesday I went and had another ultrasound so see if we could get the photos that were missing.. 3 different shots of the head and 1 heart photo.
The Ultrasound started off fine and even fun! She turned on the 3D machine and I saw my baby boy in 3D with definition and all of his cuteness. Unfortunately his hand were covering his face most of the time so we weren't able to get any 3D photos.

As she moved around my tummy and we started to listen to the heart, I noticed she let out a little "Hmm"?
As we sat there listening to the heart she asked me "Do you hear that"?
I did.
What should sound like..
boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom....
sound more like..
boom, boom, boom,___,boom,___,boom, boom, boom, boom,___,boom, boom....
we listened to the heart for the next 1/2 hour or so while she got photos and sound of the heart
It wasn't consistent, for probably 15 min it was a perfect.
She said the heart looked great no defects she could notice, but he obviously he has an irregular heart beat..
After my Ultrasound I went in and had my apt with my OB.
He was running a little late so I sat in the exam room thinking, obviously the worst..
I text Dylan and he immediately called me back.
That's when I lost it...
I could barley talk I was crying so hard..
I finally got out the gist of what happened in the ultrasound and told him I would call him as soon as I heard from the Doctor.
{Have I mentioned I LOVE my Doctor? He is so kind and calm}
He entered the room, had a seat and asked how I was...
As I started to tear up I mumbled. "ok, I think"?
He said he looked over the ultrasound and the heart looked great, no signs of defects or anything else that could be wrong. But with that, no cause, we will need to monitor the heart.

1 of 3 things will happen:
1. It will fix its self
2. I will need to be put on medication in my 3rd trimester to see if we can fix it before he is born
3. It will need to be looked at as soon as he is born, as there is nothing we can do with him inside of me.

He sees this in about 15% of his patients. So its not super rear, but its defiantly not common.
He is also having a few other Doctors look at my Ultrasound this week.

I might be going back in the next few weeks to have another Ultrasound, otherwise I have a follow up apt in 3 weeks.
So until then its the waiting game.. which SUCKS!
My super sweet hubby had left work and was almost to the hospital with I got out..
We meet up at home and spent the afternoon talking and looking up online anything we could related to irregular baby hearts.

In the next few weeks Dylan and I will probably be visiting with a Pediatric Cardiologist per my doctor, but that will probably be in the first few weeks of my third trimester..

For now we are being positive and trying to be as normal as possible.