Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Weight

I found this link on "A Day in the life" blog and thought it was very interesting!
I'm already looking forward to getting back in shape once the baby come :)
I know, I know sounds crazy...
but when I lost weight last year the feeling that comes with it is
I'm already setting goals for next year..
Do you want to know what your "Happy Weight" is?
checkout this link
This SELF site has other great links too!


  1. Wow...it says my 'Happy Weight' is 13.2lbs more than I weigh now! Even when I changed it to say small frame (though I'm pretty sure I'm much more of a medium frame), it was 7.2lbs more than I weigh now.

    Good to know I have some wiggle room :P

  2. Thanks for sharing pretty lady:)

  3. Ugh my happy weight is 123.. I do remember when I finally got that low that I was really really happy.. Opposed to the 10lb on that I am right now I'm not so happy.

  4. going to check it out now! i get SELF magazine, i love it! :)

  5. okay, i had to come back and leave another comment...it said my happy weight is 117.9, i have some work to do!! haha!!