Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great weekend, but the end was the best!!!

Hope you all had a great relaxing weekend!
We sure did!
Here is our weekend in some photos..
After our 20 week apt we meet my mom for
lunch at PF Chang's! Always yummy!
Dylan bought me a bouquet of my favorite flowers..
Hot Pink Peonies!
We headed to Nordstrom and ordered this bad boy!!
Our BOB Revolution in Mesa
It should be here in about a week or so.
Saturday we cleaned the house and had some company..
Dylan's dad and his girlfriend Lynda stopped by
with a bunch of adorable outfits for baby W
and when I say a bunch, I mean 14!!
Our lil man is starting a cute wardrobe!
Sunday Dylan and I headed to the best rib joint in PDX!
Rio's Ribs!
We thought they had been a victim of the economy and had
gone out of business, but my hubby found there new
location last week! yeah!
{side note: Rio is Snoop Dogs cousin.. lol
you can defiantly tell when you walk in}
Monday we did a little more shopping and took
advantage of all the Memorial Day sales!
a little baby Columbia coat for baby W
and some new Ralph Lauren shoes for 6-9 months!
Super Cute!!!
Remember my post here?
well, here is my hanging flower basket!
it has tripled in size!!
and remember in January I had this post?
Well, we finally have blueberries!!!
They are still a little green but will be ready soon!
and to top off the weekend while watching a movie Monday
night Dylan was able to feel the baby KICK!!
matter of fact, he felt our blueberry kick several time :)
and YES, I bawled like a little baby myself,
I'm sure my pregnancy hormones helped with that! lol


  1. YA!! A kick!! It's so exciting! Just get ready for LOTS more! I love those shoes!

  2. I miss those days believe it or not! It is so amazing, soak it all in!!! You will be amazed at the number of outfits that little W won't even wear because he will have sooo many!!

  3. those baby shoes are so cute! I have the exact same ones in the adult version..I need to find the baby ones for lil miss!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. It's so fun to start the baby clothes collection.

  5. aw, you are too cute...so awesome he got to feel your little bb kick!
    how fun that you got to order your stroller!
    the shoes and clothes are adorable! the food looks amazing and i'm totally jealous you got to go to pf changs!! yum!
    glad you two had such a great weekend! :)

  6. Awwww! it all sounds so exciting:-)

    Love PF Changs! They have amazing lettuce wraps AND Key Lime Martini, yummm

    Congrats on the baby kick, and speaking of . . . those baby shoes are super cute!

  7. How exciting for you all! Yay for Hubs getting to feel the little guy kick!

  8. Oh that is soo exciting, glad you are able to feel the most precious blessing inside of you now. Thats awesome!!