Monday, June 28, 2010

The good life...

"if your lucky enough to have a house at the beach,
your lucky enough..."
As I get older I understand that quote more and more :)

This weekend was another weekend at the beach.
Its starting to look a lot like summer...
This was our view Sat night from our favorite spot on the beach.
We hung out with our 2 favorite furry children

We had a super yummy dinner at the Driftwood
and were in bed by about 9:30pm!
I'm rested and relaxed!

Summer Weather in Portland..
a pregnant woman's dream :)
{and I only work 2 of these 7 days!!!}

a little PSA from me..
As the weather gets nice just remember to drive safe..
This weekend marks the first fatal accident in our area.
Unfortunately this is a regular thing at the beach
during the summer months.
Please drive safe and watch out for others on the road :)


  1. That's your summer temperatures?! Oh what I would give to have that right now!! That's perfect weather. I'm sweating to death in 97 degree temps feeling like I'm in a desert!

    And to have a house at the beach = heaven :-)

    Lucky girl!!

  2. What a great forcast and yes pregnant womens dream. We have a similar forcast here in Chi!!!

  3. I am so jealous of your weather... my car temp said 111 the other day... and that was after I was driving around for a bit! So imagine that with the heat index.

  4. I love that quote! Your dogs are adorable btw... jealous of how you spent your weekend. No beaches/oceans here in Indy!

  5. That picture of your pup straddling you is so funny!! Precious furry babies!

  6. Ok seriously, those temps are disgusting! SO JEALOUS!!!! Ours last week looked something like 95 94 95 96 97 98! UGHHH!!!

  7. we are having similar temps in MN this week! love it!
    the beach looks amazing! super cute pics of your fur babies!

  8. Awww aren't you sooo glad we finally got some nice summer weather over here?! We stayed outside as much as possible up here in Seattle:-).

    Cute pics!!!

  9. Oh my goodness I can't believe how cool it is in your area! We have had a heat index of over 100 every day this week! Enjoy the great weather!