Friday, June 18, 2010

6 Months!

Me at 23 weeks....
Depending on what chart you look at I am 6 months pregnant
or 6 months and 3 days pregnant today!
I really don't know what 6 months was going to feel like,
but I think this is what I would of thought 4 months would be
I'm pretty lucky and have had a easy pregnancy.
Never sick or nauseous...
no real food cravings or aversions...
My back is starting to hurt a little bit but
I know that is caused by me over doing it..
{like washing the cars or playing with the dogs too much}
I have taken some of my doctors suggestions and have been
really good about following them :)
I have been taking 1 TUMS at night and haven't had
anymore leg cramps. They came on a few days before
my 20 week apt but haven't had them since!
I have gained about 13 pounds..
which I am totally fine with..
My goal is to stay between 25 and 30
{per my Doc anything between 20-40 would be fine}
I'm still staying active and walking about 3-4 days a week :)
Sleep is still great and easy too!
Again my doc came to my rescue and filled me in on great ways
to move a pillow around me so I can find comfy positions!
yes, even a few so I can lay on my back on stomach :)
I think having a great Doctor/mid wife team has been wonderful
and I am very thankful for the great referral!
All I can ask is the next 3 1/2 months are as great and easy!

Recently finding out that one of my best friends is just 10
short weeks behind me has been the icing on the cake!!
I cant wait to have our children so close in age :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


  1. So exciting!! :) I'm going to have to email you and find out who your Dr. is when I decide to have a little one!! Have you thought of any names yet?

  2. so exciting! lucky you having an easy pregnancy!!

  3. Wow! Six months sounds like so long! :0) Can't believe you're at that point already! Congrats! You're two thirds of the way there already! So exciting!

  4. I love hearing that a pregnancy has been easy. It's been a breeze for me too! I love your blog and can't wait to see all the future updates :)
    Tracey from

  5. 13 pounds? That's it? You are so lucky!

  6. When I was 6 months I felt like 4 months too. Now I am almost 7 months and I feel like 600 months! The heat is really getting to me.

  7. wow sounds fantastic! mine have all been easy and so i think that's why i keep having them! haha i never get morning sickness...only some swelling towards the end and back issues...but heck fire...nothing to warrant not doing it again!

    congrats...sounds like a perfect pregnancy so far!

  8. Lucky duck with no nausea! I couldn't even sit up without being drugged for the 1st trimester! :) Ha, ha. I am just starting to put on the weight, but I'm afraid it's going to hit me like a ton of bricks!