Thursday, April 1, 2010

We have a name!

Last night we received out very first baby present!
A hand made lil hat from my Great Aunt Virgina :)
In a VERY sweet note she congratulated us on our
"little Blueberry" on the way.
She started making it when she found out we were pregnant and
before our IntelliGender test, could this be another sign its
a BOY??
Only time will tell...
Till we know for sure what the lil one is..
Blueberry or BB is what we decided to call the baby on the way!
As for a "real" name..
We always talked about names for our "someday" lil ones
and now were not to sure.... UGH!
We have a few boy and a few girl names but have decided to not
talk about it till we know for sure!
On another note, we have our first ultrasound tomorrow morning :)



  1. Ah so exciting! How thoughtful for her to send that gift! I think BB or 'Blueberry' is perfect :) my SIL calls hers 'Bean'!

  2. how exciting! Perfect hat for a little blueberry :)

  3. Funny, Lila named our Strawberry :)
    Thats such a cute hat!

  4. YAY!! I like Blueberry it's different and personal!! I'm so excited for you!!

  5. Ha I was like what Blueberry seriously? Lol.. That's a good little bean name, how excited the first ultrasound!

  6. The first gift is so special! I'm glad you wrote about it so you'll always remember what it was. I love that you're calling him blueberry, so cute! We were the same, always talked about names we liked but then when it came time to actually start deciding - it's hard!

  7. I'm so excited for y'all, really I am! I know you both are elated!!! Love that precious little hat - how adorable!