Friday, April 9, 2010

Perfect morning..

Having these two be cute is
my perfect way of waking up!

In other news...
We have made an appointment to find out
what our lil blueberry is on April 21st!
We are going to an ultrasound clinic that
specializes in 3D & 4D photos!
I will only be about 15 week along
and no photos till I'm about 26+ weeks..
But I'm beyond excited to start SHOPPING!
So, lets hope lil BB will behave and show us the goods! lol

Last weekend we picked out the Wayne's coat and
trim for the baby room at Home Depo and also
installed light dimmers in a few rooms!
I feel like things are coming along...

I have also started planning my hubby's big 3-0!
{which is a miracle in its self}
Its next weekend and he really didn't feel like a party..
{Ugh.. boys!}
I made a few suggestions and
FINALLY sparked some interest!
We are going to a downtown Portland to
a Brewery for a Brewers Dinner!

As for this weekend..
we are off to the beach!!


  1. I cannot wait to hear what the little BB is! I am curious to see if the IntelliGender was right!

  2. It must be the whole 30 thing! My husband didn't want a party for his 30th either but I did finally convince him =) Ande said he just felt "OLD!" hahaha!

  3. eeeeeeekkkkk! SO exciting to see 'what' the little bb is!! Gosh I rememebr waiting for was SO obvious on our ultrasound...B was ALL boy and not ashamed to show us :)

  4. You must, must have a party for your 30th birthday! Glad you talked him into it!

  5. Aww.. I am so excited for you guys! We are finding out the gender of our little one on the 26th!

  6. I cannot wait to hear the sex of little blueberry! Such an exciting time! :)

    Ahh, your hubs will come around. 30 will be a fun age. Tell him to embrace it! And the crazy things he did in his 20's can now be behind him!

  7. Just stumbled across your blog, super cute! Congrats on the pregnancy! And those dogs are adorable!!