Monday, March 29, 2010

Will baby W be a Girl or Boy {test 1}

Saturday morning we work up early for a busy day
Dylan and I were chatting in bed
for a bit after the alarm went off..
Dylan "Are you still thinking about that IntelliGender thing?"
Me " Ya, ....... are you?"
Dylan "Should we try it?'
Me "Well, YA!! but I thought you didn't"
Dylan "I'll go to the store"
Me "Ok!.. " {giggle}
About 15 min later Dylan came home with:
The test is pretty easy
It comes with 3 things
  • pee cup
  • syringe
  • test jar

The jest of the test is you take the first pee of the morning from

your pee cup with the syringe and insert 20 ml it to the top of your "test jar"

You then swirl in a circular motion for 10 seconds

and wait... 10 minutes

you will see the jar turn orange for a girl

or dark green for a boy

{as you can see below}

about 5 min later we could tell it was not orange...
So that must mean... GREEN! BOY, oh BOY!!

With all that being said..
we did this {$35} test
We aren't running out and buying
everything blue under the sun.. lol
We will find out {for real} in less that 2 months!


  1. Aw that is to funny those things are cool....I bet it is right and you do have a boy lol...I hope you have a great day..

  2. That's fun :-) It'll be funny though if the test is correct though!

    Have a good week!

  3. So curious to see if this actually works! If so, it will be a future purchase. Good luck with everything!

  4. I am a bad influence:):) I am so glad that you did it...even though there are mixed messages about it's accuracy from people now. I am telling you when my girls did it when we were preggers it was right on. Now, watch you have a girl! I still think you are having a boy!!!!

  5. how FUN! ugh - waiting 2 more months has GOT to be hard, i have a feeling i'll be purchasing one of those too when the time comes :)

  6. There's really not anything in your urine that will show if you're having a boy or a girl, but it's still a fun test! I passed on it simply because of the cost, but all of my friends took it during their pregnancies. There's a 50/50 chance of it being right, so you never know! My vote will go to whatever your gut tells you. Mother's intuition has been right on with everyone I know who is pregnant right now.

  7. fun! Too bad those 2 months can't come any faster!

  8. I can't wait to find out if it was right.

  9. AWWWW :) that is awesome!!!!!!! I'm excited to see if it was correct!

  10. Congratulations! I didn't even know you were pregnant, so this is great news. We're having a girl, so we'll have to set them up some day. :) - Dana

  11. How fun! You'll have to let us know what names you're thinking of when you actually find out for real. Congratulations again, I'm so happy for you.

  12. How exciting! It's fun to try, as long as you don't depend on the answer too much, lol. They also have some ones like the Chinese calendar (online I think) and the one where you do the necklace or string above your belly. Also, if the heartbeat is under or over like 150, who knows if any of these are accurate, still fun though!

  13. SO much fun!!! I've never even heard of one of those things until you blogged about it (but then again I've never been preggers either)

  14. Well isn't that exciting!!! :-D It will be so much fun to find out for sure!

  15. I took the intelligender test as well 8 weeks ago.. the results said boy. We just had an ultrasound last week, and it is for sure a boy! We did it for fun as well, but I hear it works better than 50/50 :) Congrats!

  16. I took this test and came out dark green- but turns out I'm having a girl!!
    Congrats on being pregnant!!! Take care- love your blog!