Monday, March 8, 2010


Is the weekend over?

This was a fun weekend full of movies and friends

Friday night I was still at the beach so
I enjoyed movie night with my parents!
we watched

Law Abiding Citizen

super good suspenseful movie

totally recommend it!

Saturday I worked for a few hours at the gallery
then headed home to see my hubby!
I was home fairly early so we decided to
go check out a new movie!
The Crazies
We loved it!
it defiantly gave us a few good jumps in the theater

Sunday morning we woke up early
Dylan had a friend come over and pick up his fish tank
I was in disbelief when he told me he was getting rid of it..
{we had a 30 gallon tank with 10 African cichlids}
It is a big commitment and takes up a lot of room in our house
I will miss our little fishys but will be happy were not
stressing about them when were gone for our week long
vacations we take a few times a year :)
I know they are going to a loving home!
After we said our goodbyes
we headed out for a busy afternoon!
First off we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen
{it was my first time eating there
It was ok, probably not my favorite pizza}
We then walked around the pretty, outside Bridgeport Mall
My husband thinks it was a first for me! lol

We then headed over to the movie theater to meet my cousin
where we saw..
Alice in Wonderland
at IMAX in 3-D
I have heard all my friend hype it up over the weekend
and say how wonderful it is...
I think I was expecting a little more.
I thought on a scale of 1-10
it was a 7.

After the movie I ran downtown to meet up with some
friends for mani's and pedi's at Dosha Spa :)
The boys had some beers at McMenamins while they
waited for us during our 2 1/2 hour appointment.

We ended the night at home catching up on our DVR
Celebrity Rehab, Modern Family and Real Housewives of NYC

I have the first part of the week off to work on a new project
for work.. I will fill you in on it soon!!


  1. You have the most fun of anyone, I swear! I guess I am a cool mom and I do fun things, but everything is different now. I guess I am slightly living through you ha ha. Those movies look great! Sad about the fishies we just gave our freshwater tank to my SIL-but we still have a 125 salt water that I love!

    Hope you have a good dayoxox

  2. Aw I the hubs and I went to see Alice and Wonderland to and we really just didn't like it I'm like you I was exspecting more. I got my nails done to lol but I did mine

  3. Sounds fun!!! Im WAY over due for a mani pedi! Great things on your dvr!

  4. I LOVED Love Abiding Citizen... hoping to see Alice this week!!

  5. what a fun relaxing weekend! sad you had to give up your fishies but glad they're going to a good home!!!

  6. What a fun weekend! Thanks for the review on Alice...based on your review and others I'll probably be waiting on Netflix to see this one!

  7. Wow what a busy movie weekend. I want to see Law Abiding citizen.

  8. What a fun weekend! I was curious about Alice in Wonderland. Sounds like it's good as long as you don't have extremely high expectations.

    The Real Housewives of NYC is off to a dramatic start!

  9. Sounds like fun! I love the lots-of-movie-watching types of weekends. :)

  10. I thought ALice was very mediocre too :(