Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wedding Wednesday/ Wishful Wednesday

This week I'm participating in Kelsey's Wishful Wednesday!
'I wish' .... I could wear/could have worn _____ dress on my wedding day!

I have a few from then and today!
Well, lets start for the beginning..
{I was/am obsessed with Monique Lhuiller}
When I started on the hunt for my wedding dress I had
a few in mind that I really wanted to try on..
First was Christine Baumgartners dress
{Kevin Costner's wife}
I loved her dress but it was SOOO heavy!
{and a little out of my price range $12,000}
Next up was Pink's wedding dress
again I loved this dress but the top was the issue
a little too low cut for me and was going to take
about 6-9 months to remake the top.

If I was going to walk down this isle this year
I would love to have either of these dresses..
First up Molly from the Bachelors dress.
So pretty!!

But in all honesty..
I would DIE for Heidi's dress..

I LOVED her dress..
It just seemed so pretty, light and flowy

But with all that said

I loved my MY Monique Lhuiller dressI chose a style called Snow White

The dress was so soft and comfortable

I could have worn for another 12 hours :)

I switched it up a little by changing the sash

between the ceremony and reception

from a Champagne to Black!


  1. You looked amazing, I have told you that before. I LOVED Mollys dress with her cascading bouquet!

  2. I loved Molly's wedding dress too! Your dress was beautiful. I tried one on like that but it didn't look amazing on my body so I had to go with what made me look like a princess! haha

  3. I also loved Molly's was gorgeous! Love yours as well...simple & were beautiful!

  4. Hi There! I just found your blog and I have to say I love your dress and never thought about changing the sash during the reception good idea! I have tons of family in Portland, Beaverton to be exact I'm always up there! New follower!

  5. Hi there! Just popping in to follow your blog! Hope you can come follow mine! Have a great day!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  6. LOVED molly's dress! and yours too! love me some monique!!!

  7. I agree Molly's was very pretty, but I love your dress. You looked beautiful!

  8. Thanks for the love! I love your dress...gorgeous!!!

  9. I can't see Molly's dress in that picture (too small) but I will google it! I like how you changed the sashes! So pretty!!!

  10. Your dress looked great on you! Very cute!
    I love all the other dresses too. I love the changing the sash color idea!!! :)

  11. All of your choices are super pretty but I honestly think I love yours the best! You look so pretty! :)

  12. You looked so pretty in your dress!!

  13. Your dress was stunning...and I love that you switched the sash!!

    I ALSO love Heidi's dress....just dont love her :)

    I just realized that I wasnt officially following your blog, so I am now!

  14. I'm a new follower of yours now too! I love all your wedding dress picks, especially the one you wore on your day! We're totally one of those couples too, without kids and wanting to travel a bunch!!

  15. Molly's dress was amazing. You looked great in your dress!

    We have season tickets so most games we do go to.. There are a few here and there though that we sell. Always sell the Laker's games just because they pretty much pay for our season! :) Why did you pass on tickets this year?

  16. Christine was my inspiration too! I think she started the entire "pick up dress" trend because she looked so gorgeous! You were a beautiful bride!! Love your dress.

  17. Thanks for commenting on my page! I LOVE the change from champagne to black. I kept debating on two dresses for that effect but I wish I would have thought of something that simple!

  18. Aww I hope you feel better too!!! :)

  19. Lovely wedding dresses! :) I love Heidi's a lot.

  20. thanks for stopping by my blog... i did like heidi's dress too!

  21. What a great idea to change up the sash. I love little touches like that!

  22. Love your dress! The sash is gorgeous! :)

  23. i love it! monique lhuiller is AMAZING at what she does.

  24. So did this designer just come out of the woodworks or am I just soooo out of it? I love her style and so classic, gorgeous, lace goodness!

  25. You looked amazing girl. Love your dress. :D

  26. You looked beautiful! I too loved Molly's dress.... it was breathtaking! Thank you for the congrats, hope you are having a wonderful week!

  27. you looked fabulous hun!!
    love your dress!!
    great choice with heidi's dress as well, that dress is amazing!

  28. haha I liked them all. And yours was gorgeous so I wouldn't worry about the mixed opportunities. I am obsessed with Melania Trump's dress!

  29. ooo! i love that you changed the sash. it's some creativity without the expense of a whole new dress!