Thursday, March 25, 2010

Know what you are having at 10 weeks pregnant!!

So my friend Juliana over at
mentioned to me that she took
IntelliGender at 13 weeks pregnant with
her son and IT WORKED!!!
I have been online Googling it
all last night.. and it looks legit!! lol

The way it works is you test your first urine
of the day after you are past 10 weeks pregnant
and it turns orange/red for a girl
or blue/green for a boy!
fool proof.. RIGHT??!!

I think we might go and get it this weekend..
I will keep you all posted!!


  1. Ha ha! I am SO glad that you are going to get it...actually I took it at 11 weeks and it was dark BLUE/GREEN. We actually found out for sure on the U/S at 13 weeks that he was a boy which is not very common because usually that is something you find out around 18-20 weeks. regardless, I was SO glad that I bought it. I was on the IAP pregnancy site and a bunch of the girls used it and it was about 90% accurate from the study we did. When I was pregnant though, it was almost unheard of and I bought it through paypal, they have come a long way now! I am So excited for you to pee in a cup ha ha!!!

  2. That's crazy!! You definitely have to test it out!

    Happy weekend :)

  3. OMG!!! That is to funny you should for sure go and do it hahha...

  4. Wow. It's crazy what is available these days. Good luck!

  5. Oh that's so tempting to get! You will have to try it out!

  6. I've had a few friends that tried it and it worked for 2 out of 3 of them! I LOVED not knowing the sex...are you sure you want to find out? It is still easy to decorate the room...I know you too well and I know you are too anxious to find out what it is!! I'm excited to, I'll guess a girl! WATCH OUT DADDY!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I will so do that when I get pregnant! Sounds cool!

  8. Very cool. I might have to try that :0)

  9. SO CUTE! Def let us know!!!!! I cant wait to follor your pregnancy, so exciting!

  10. oh my goodness...that would be totally awesome if it worked! Good luck!