Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I know its kinda early..
but I have posted a poll at the top of my page!
Please vote..
will I have a BOY or GIRL?


  1. I voted...I see that it is tied right now. I was pretty convinced that I was having a girl...but it was a BOY! Either one is awesome...are you going to find out the sex?

  2. hmm.. I am thinking girl, with absolutely no reason whatsoever! lol.

  3. I voted for girl..Can't wait to find out and congrats :)

  4. I voted too honey. Hey...there is a product that you can buy...I think they even sell it at Walmart/Target now. It is called Intelligender. I got it when I was pregnant...3 years ago when it was just a little product. The stats on accuracy are pretty right on though. Your urine turns green/blue if it is a boy and orange/yellow if it is a girl. You should get it just for fun. We found out Johnny was a boy at 13 weeks which was SUPER early, but it would be fun for you guys to do anyhow.

  5. its gotta be a girl, its just gotta be. Or a boy. either way it will be heaven.