Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Weekend

Hope you all had a great day.. or weekend!
I love to spread the LOVE over the whole weekend!
For OUR weekend we headed up to SEATTLE!

The Space Needle
we stayed at
The Westin Hotel

Our view when we walked in to our room on the 39th floor

Our view of the Needle

the babies checking our the room and bed

I love Westin's cause they LOVE Dogs
just moments after getting in to our room
we got a delivery...

placemats and dishes
treats, tags for there collars and dooty bags :)
We were wondering why
the streets around the Westin were all blocked off..
V.P. Biden was staying there for a meeting before
he headed up the that little game up North..
The Olympics

Me and Emma

Dylan and Jackson

We watched the storms roll in..

and just relaxed... it was so nice!

Little Miss Emma was over her photo being taken.. lol

We were thinking of ordering room service but
we noticed a PF Changs was just down the street
so we got out favorite dished to go!
Our fortunes

our last walk of the night

Time for bed....
one of our kids didn't want to go to bed..

matter of fact...
she wanted to eat her bed!

Jackson watching his silly sister :)
The Next Morning we took the underground tour of Seattle

They have really cool and spooky tunnels
that go under 32 Sq blocks of Seattle

looking up to the sidewalks

The photos above and below are a room that was featured
on the Travel Channel's Ghost Hunters
This was the room that had the most "activity"

We walked through an old bank

This was an old hotel
one of the first "crappers" in Seattle.. lol
The day after the Great Fire in Seattle

They warned us of spiders and rats before the tour..
luckily we didn't see either!

This was part of the museum..
one of the first ways to brew beer
{a must have photo for the hubby}

off to Pike Place Market!


We stopped to get Mac & Cheese at Beecher's
some fresh fruit at a stand then we headed off to...
The Ferry!!
Dylan had never taken a car ferry...
So I knew we had to!

Leaving Seattle to Bainbridge Island!

nothing like playing in the NW rain with my best friend!

We hung out on the island, drove around and shopped!
We stopped at a flower shop to just look and ended up
leaving with a Christmas Cacuts!
{if you havent seen one google it!
they are so pretty!!}
Sunday I woke up to my hubby with pink tulips, a balloon,
a very sweet card and a skinny latte from Starbucks!!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!!


  1. so much to say about this post!
    1) dkjfskdjfksd i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your puppy dogs... especially your bulldog! I am have been begging and begging my hubby to add a new addition to the family, and I want a bulldog so bad.... I am going to show him these pictures
    2) super cute that the hotel not only allowed you to bring your babies... but accommodated the room for them like its their own house! so sweet
    3) all around great pictures!
    4) happy valentine's day!

  2. AW I Love what the hotel did for your babies that is so sweet of them. I'm glad you had a wonderful time Love the Pictures...

  3. looks like a fun Valentine's weekend!

  4. How much fun! I love what the Westin did for your pups. It makes me want to go and stay at a Weestin!

  5. Looks like you guys had a blast! I did NOT know that Westin's were so pet-friendly!! I am so glad that shared that! I will have to stay on one next time I travel with Chloe!!

  6. Great idea! Isn't it nice how close Seattle is to us? That's a great idea!!

  7. Aww looks like a great weekend! Your puppies are so cute! Seattle looks like a great place to visit!

  8. looks like you had so much fun pretty girl! and good to know westin's are dog friendly :)

    p.s. you and your hubs are adorable!

  9. Looks like a very busy valentine's weekend! A dog friendly hotel .. we don't have those in Manila yet!

  10. we love love love seattle! i had no idea the westin allowed dogs! thats so fun!
    looks like you had a wonderful time! :)

  11. What a fun fun time! And I love the fact that Westin's are so dog friendly, all that stuff is so adorable!

  12. What a great, great trip! I love all the history :)

    Pretty flowers! Happy kissy face day!

  13. That's so great you got to bring along your pups :-) They're very cute!

    I love tulips, so pretty!!

  14. I had no idea The Westin loves dogs so much!! Looks like your trip was so much fun!!

  15. looks like you had such an awesome getaway!! how fun and super awesome that you can bring your babies! i love it!!
    great photos hun! :)

  16. So fun! I've always thought the Underground Tour sounded like fun. Would you recommend it?

  17. I am dying to take a little trip to Seattle.. looks like the fam had a great vacay and yes, the Westins are amazing... so nice to be able to take your pups with you!!

  18. What a fun trip!! The underground tour looks very cool.