Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My hubby and I are hosting a
party this weekend..
I would love for you to share
any football recipes ideas..
food, beverages, appetizers
and anything else you may have
up your selves my creative blog friends!!!
Thank you!!!
PS: who should I root for?


  1. I'm not good with recipes, but things that I have found to always be a big hit is Buffalo Chicken dip, as well as any kind of chili. I actually think I'm going to be making some veggie chili for the game.

  2. Mmm...homemade hot wings are always a staple for our parties!

  3. I think you should cheer for the Saints...

  4. my new fave is buffalo chicken dip!! it's so easy to make and its delicious!!
    i think i'm going to make some mini slider burgers as well! num!

  5. I looooooove 7 layer dip for parties. Mix half a packet of taco seasoning with a small container of sour cream. Layer fat free refried beans on a plate, put the sour cream mixture on top of that, cheese on top of that, diced tomatoes on top of that, black olives on top of that and chopped scallions on top that. YUM!

  6. Make sure to have tons of BLUE AND WHITE! Hehe.. just because I want my Colts to win! But really... wings, chips and dip, and hot wing dip sounds great! cute blog! :)

  7. A) root for the SAINTS. uh-duh.

    B) Yes, 7 layer dip is AMAZING. To add to Kristin's this is what I do:

    Mix 1 can fat free refried beans with 1 can black beans and a pkg taco seasoning - spread on bottom of microwaveable pan, sprinkle with cheese, place in microwave for 1 minute.

    Mix sour cream with the Hidden Valley ranch packet (like you are making dip) and spread on top of the beans.

    Next, spread premade (or home made) quacamole on top of ranch mix.

    Then, in whatever order you prefer, layer cheese, tomatoes, green onions and then a lot of people do black olives.

    C) Queso is always a yummy one (ground beef with taco seasoning mixed with velveeta and rotel - Can add a can of chili for a little extra kick)

  8. I'm going to read your comments for tips too haha. I just know it's best to have salty, unhealthy good and beer!

  9. How fun! I am glad to not be making anything this year! We were invited to a friend's house and are only asked to bring booze. ;)