Monday, February 22, 2010

if I were...

Here is a fun post I have seen on other blogs...
Hope you all had a great weekend!
We enjoyed the lovely 60*+ weather at the beach!

If I were a month, I’d be September.
If I were a day of the week, I’d be Saturday
If I were a time of day, I’d be 7 pm
If I were a planet, I’d be Earth
If I were a sea animal, I’d be a Shark
If I were a direction, I’d be West
If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be a table for decorative treasures
If I were a liquid, I’d be champagne
If I were a gemstone, I’d be a diamond
If I were a tree, I’d be a Cherry Blossom Tree
If I were a tool, I’d be a Leather man
If I were a flower, I’d be a Peony
If I were a kind of weather, I’d be 70*, sunny with a slight breeze.
If I were a musical instrument, I’d be guitar
If I were a color, I’d be pink
If I were an emotion, I’d be love
If I were a fruit, I’d be a raspberry
If I were a sound, I’d be a the roar of the Ocean
If I were an element, I’d be fire
If I were a car, I’d be GL 500 Mercedes
If I were a food, I’d be a Cup Cake
If I were a place, I’d be the beach
If I were a material, I’d be Cashmere
If I were a taste, I’d be sweet
If I were a scent, I’d be Chanel #5
If I were an object, I’d be a my wedding ring
If I were a body part, I’d be the eyes
If I were a facial expression, I’d be a smile
If I were a song, I’d be a Best Friend by Tim McGraw
If I were a pair of shoes, I’d be Sequin Christian Louboutins


  1. cute! i might steal this idea and post it on my blog :)

  2. i love all the things you would be! happy monday!

  3. I love this. I'm going to have to do this sometime. I love your car choice :)

  4. what a cute post!! might try this out on mine! lovely blog!

  5. What a cool post! I'd definitely be a Saturday too! ;)

  6. Risley-I LOVED this babe. I am so going to steal this someday soon!

  7. Good choice on the month of September ;-) Mine is Sept. 16.

    Cute post!

    P.S - my verification word was psbrit lol how funny

  8. I love this! I might have to do one of my own soon.

  9. LOVE THIS! I would be pink and the beach too! I just might have to do this sometime. :)

  10. What a fun post... I might try this one at some point!!