Monday, February 15, 2010

The Good Wife's guide... 1955!

This is from my blog friend Katie's page
{check hers out! it was really funny!]
Its from good housekeeping May 1955!

Now I think I'm a pretty good "traditional" housewife that works part time, is a little set in her ways and may or may not have a little attitude... lol

But come on, some of these are SO OUTDATED!!!

Please read for a good laugh!

The good wife's guide
•Have dinner ready. Plan ahead, even the night before, to have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return. This is a way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him and are concerned about his needs. Most men are hungry when they come home and the prospect of a good meal (especially his favorite dish) is part of the warm welcome needed.

I actually do this! when I am home {when I work I'm home after him or sometimes gone overnight} I try to have a snack for him upon his 5pm arrival {sometimes it may just be chips} and a yummy hot dinner ready by about 8pm. I think when I'm out of town and haven't left something for him he may starve... but he always pull through and eats, usually fast food.

•Prepare yourself. Take 15 minutes to rest so you'll be refreshed when he arrives. Touch up you make-up, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking. He has just been with a lot of work-weary people.

Guilty again! I'm not sure why.. I get a giddy feeling when I hear his truck pull up to the house! kinda like a first date! I usually just kinda do a once over and make sure I'm not a mess... lol! I don't take the 15 min nap or wear a bow.. I stopped wearing bows about 3 years ago.. lololol

•Be a little gay and a little more interesting for him. His boring day may need a lift and one of your duties is to provide it.

well, I let the dogs do that for him!

•Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the main part of the house just before your husband arrives.

Guilty, unless its his crap! then he can move it!

•Gather up schoolbooks, toys, paper etc and then run a dust cloth over the tables.

Well, No kids yet and I'm allergic to dust, so that's his job!
{shhhhhh... he has believed me for the past 7 years that I'm allergic to dust and were going to keep that going, ok!}

•Over the cooler months of the year you should prepare and light a fire for him to unwind by. Your husband will feel he has reached a haven of rest and order, and it will give you a lift too. After all, catering for his comforts will provide you with immense personal satisfaction.

My hubby LOVES a fire and so do it! I also love that all I have to do is flick the switch... and we have a big fire!

•Prepare the children. Take a few minutes to wash the children's hands and faces (If they are small). Comb their hair and, if necessary, change their clothes. They are little treasures and he would like to see them playing the part. Minimise all noise. At the time of his arrival, eliminate all noise of the washer, dryer or vacuum. Try to encourage the children to be quiet.

No children yet, but I think a sip of Red Bull before daddy comes home would be fun every now and then!!

•Be happy to see him.

Well, duh! Unless he said something to you on the phone earlier that day that pissed you off.. then game on! We agreed a long time ago to not fight on the phone, only in person. It give you time to cool down and {maybe} see the other side.

•Greet him with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please him.

Um, I do all these other things for him.. this just sounds cheesy!

•Listen to him. You may have a dozen important things to tell him, but the moment of his arrival is not the time. Let him talk first - Remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours.

Um, what? I'm just as important and my stories from work are usually better!

•Make the evening his. Never complain if he comes home late or goes out to dinner, or other places of entertainment without you. Instead, try to understand his world of strain and pressure and his very real need to be a home and relax.

Um, If he needs to be home.. then he should come home! Dylan is pretty good about calling and seeing if we have plans or asking if I want to come along.

•Your goal: Try to make sure your home is a place of peace, order and tranquillity where your husband can renew himself in body and spirit.

I try to make it nice for the both of us!

•Don't greet him with complaints and problems.

I loved what Katie said.. I'm not supposed to speak first, so this wont be hard.. lol

•Don't complain if he's late home for dinner or even if he stays out all night. Count this as minor compared to what he might have gone through that day.

Not a chance in hell..

•Make him comfortable. Have him lean back in a comfortable chair or have him lie down in the bedroom. Have a cool or warm drink ready for him.

I got the snacks, he can make his own damn cocktail!

•Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes. Speak in a low, soothing and pleasant voice.

Gross, with mud or concrete on his shoes.. I really DON'T think he needs help!

•Don't ask him questions about his actions or question his judgment or integrity. Remember, he is the master of the house and as such will always exercise his will with fairness and truthfulness. You have no right to question him.

Oh, hell no!! I love to play 20 questions when he gets home!

•A good wife always knows her place.

I sure know mine! Its at the top!


  1. Ahahahah I Love it girl I know mine to and it's at the top as well....

  2. K this made me laugh out loud more than once. Pretty sure my husband can take care of making himself comfortable when he gets home because I am trying to keep myself comfortable. And have supper ready! PLEASE somedays he is home before me!!

  3. This was TOO funny - I'm really old-fashioned so a lot of it (although said RIDICULOUSLY) I agreed w/ mainly the ones you said you already do ...

    um, "have him lie down in the bedroom?" this is PG and 1955 Good Housekeeping!!! :) HA!!!

  4. Risley, I think this is my favorite blog entry ever of yours!!! Good job - I think it's best the woman in the relationship stays on top ;)

  5. I have this book - it's hysterical! :) Some of it makes sense - somewhat...but it's definitely outdated and comical. Thanks for giving me a Monday laugh!

  6. This is a really funny article that I first heard when my 8th grade home ec teacher read it to us. We all laughed then too! ;) Hate to be a kill joy, but the article is supposedly fraud:'s_Guide

  7. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I won't let my hubby see this. He always latches onto things like this and then gives me a hard time!

  8. wow, how funny! i'm like you in that i do a lot of the things but not asking why a guy is late? come on! that is definitely one thing i wife deserves to know. lol, thanks for the post!

  9. Oh my gosh this is HILARIOUS! Thanks for cracking me up big time. I'm going to have to show my husband this.

  10. wife=maid and nanny?? HAHAHA this is ridiculous!!

  11. These are HILARIOUS!!! Hahaha a wife always knows her place! Too funny!

  12. LOL This was hilarious! Though now I feel like I have to go buy some ribbons for my hair..

  13. This made me laugh,super funny!!!Thanks for sharing wih us.


  14. Ha, this is so cute! I know it is outdated, but a lot of these ideas are still nice.

  15. This article is so funny, I have seen it before but I think your comments make it even more hilarious! Just found your blog, very cute!

  16. Aww this was so cute, loved it!