Friday, February 12, 2010

Favorite Friday

Its a well know fact that I LOVE to travel!!
Even if its just for an overnight-er...
So this weeks
I {heart} Westin Hotels!
They are always nice, clean, comfortable,
well located and DOG FRIENDLY!

When I say were off to Mexico..
this is usually where we are staying!

If we are not here..
we are at the Westin In Puerto Vallarta..
I LOVE the Westin Cabo San Lucas and
recommend it to anyone traveling to Cabo!
Next up is the Westin St. Frances in San Francisco!
We stayed there in 2007 on Halloween!
what a fun place!
Next is the Westin Salishan on the Oregon Coast
technically, I don't think its a Westin anymore but they
still have Heavenly beds and wonderful service!
We have stayed here about 4 times since we have
been married, It has to be a REALLY special
occasion for me to pay for a room on the Oregon Coast
since I can stay at my parents for free.. lol!
Last but no least...
Oh my, I think I have stayed here about a dozen times!
This is our pre-Valentines get away!
We plan on seeing this

and walking around here!!

A close second is Madonna Inn in San Louis Obispo
third would be Heritage house in Mendocino
{which as I wrote this found out its in Foreclosure :( }
and fourth is 6 Columbus in NYC
where we stayed for part of our New Years Trip!
Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. WoW!! You have done some fun traveling, girl! I couldn't pick a favorite, we're too inconsistent with our hotel choices! Happy weekend:)

  2. I too love Westin. The Westin Times Square is fun. And the scent is delicious.

  3. What fun to travel so much! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite because we basically just go with the best bang for our buck! Have a Happy Valentine's Weekend!

  4. I love the Westin in Seattle! Best place I ever stayed....

    Bora Bora

    Check those out R! We went there for our honeymoon. It was $1,OOO a night for an overwater bungalow...and worth every penny. The best place on eart. ELLEN went there and said it was a little piece of heaven on earth. AMAZING.

  5. My mom works for Verizon and one time they had to send her to Pittsburgh and put us up in a Westin and it was REALLY nice! Vice Pres. Al Gore was there when we were!

    I also stayed at a really nice, pyramid shaped, Hyatt with the the comfiest beds of my life in Boston for a cheerleading tournament once!

    Your trips look SO MUCH FUN!

  6. I looove staying in hotels, period! I hope when I'm making some moolah I'll get to check out some more swanky hotels than our usuals! :)

  7. Hey,
    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog if you are interested!

  8. Oh my goodness! You really do some traveling. I want to go to Seattle SO badly!! Can't wait to see your pics! I love the Ballantyne Resort - it's a hotel in Charlotet where hubby and I stayed on our wedding night. The nicest hotel I've ever stayed in by far.

    Have a great, safe trip!

  9. You made me want to hop on a plane really badly right about now. We went to Puerto Vallarta on our honeymoon. I like Marriotts but really most chain hotels are fine with me.

  10. traveling is the best! there is nothing else out there like it! westin is a great hotel as well, totally agree!
    have a happy valentine's day weekend!

  11. Yayyyyy for Seattle, my hometown:-)

    Hmmm I loved this hotel we stayed at in Paris, right next to the market and a small walk to the river and the Eiffel Tower! Shoot I forget the name tho:-(

  12. I stayed in a Four Seasons for the first time a few years ago... and obviously, I am hooked. But, I can't afford to stay there often... I don't know if I have a favorite hotel...
    But funny story about the Westin. Since you love them, you know how nice they are. When I was 5, my family drove from Wisconsin to Boston for a conference for my dad's work. His work paid for everything so we all got to stay at the Westin. We drove up to the hotel in our wood-paneled station wagon, overflowing with crap and cheerios and all the stuff you need when you travel cross-country with two kids. And the bellboy opened the door to let us out, and I leaned over and threw up all over his shoes. My parents were mortified!!! I was so sick the whole weekend... dear lord!

  13. Definitely been to the Westin Salishan!!!!!