Thursday, January 21, 2010

When I have nothing to do...

it always seems like I can find a million
other things to do...
I started cleaning today...
I had my curtains cleaned so I re-hung them,
I wiped down all my wood blinds,
and then I cleaned my closet..
sounds fun, huh?!
I started an e Bay account today too
I am selling these items:

Tiffany & Co.
Please Return to..
necklace for $185.00 OBO
they sell for $300.00 at Tiffany's right now

I will send the little blue bag too =)
Burberry cell phone case
$100.00 OBO
I used it as a little bag:
lipstick, C/C and keys can attach to the handle

PRADA Nylon tote
$150.00 OBO
I only used it a few times..
so its in GREAT condition!

Please e-mail me
if your interested!

I promise I will answer the questions tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh awesome...if I had the money I sure would buy the Tiffanys from you!

  2. great idea, good luck with your sale!

  3. Wish I could shop right now because those are cute!

  4. nice idea!! We've got no extra money right now with the whole buying a house thing but I wish you luck and hope they sell quickly.