Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

So for this post I will tell you all a little bit
about the different touches we made to our
first dance/father daughter dance/anniversary dance

For our first dance,
we moved it up to the end of the cocktail hour
During cocktail hour Dylan and I took some photos along
the beautiful golf course and snacked on a plate
of food the Country Club had made for us.

So as the cocktail hour was ending they
welcomed us as
they asked the guest to clear the dance
floor and we had our first dance to
Tim McGraw's My Best Friend!

After we had dinner, speeches were made, champagne
had been toasted and the cake was cut..
my father and I made it to the dance floor and danced to
Tim McGraw's My Little Girl
As a special touch I asked all father and daughters
to join us on the dance floor.. there were 8 sets!

After the garter toss and bouquet toss we did an
Anniversary Dance
They asked all married couples to enter the dance floor
They started off with a newer song and as they
excused couples off the floor they got older...
If you have been married less than 1 day,
congrats, but you may exit the dance floor..
That was our exit
If you have been married less than 5 years,
congrats, but you may exit the dance floor..
The songs got older and older...
They kept asking every min or so for couples
to exit by every 5 years...
It was such a fun touch!

Here are the winners!
Barbara & Craig
over 50 years!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a great idea for the dances! =)

  2. I love this post! I love yalls first dance song! I sing that to my hubs all the time (in my horrible singing voice!)

  3. Ohh, the aniversary dance is such a sweet and fun idea :-) Love it!

  4. They did that at my sister-in-laws sisters (wow) wedding, it was adorable! My parents were in the top three and it made me cry:) PS you were such a beautiful bride!

  5. I didn't have a father daughter dance but if I would have had one it would have been to My little Girl. I love that song. It still makes me cry

  6. Your dress was amazing....... I love it!!! Gorgeous!!!

    And love what you did for your dances... I will have to keep those ideas in mind in case I ever have my own wedding :)

  7. Love that idea for dances! My favorite is the anniversary dance, it's so encouraging for newlyweds to see those couples who have made it through so many years!

  8. What fun ideas! I've never seen those done at weddings before. The anniversary dance is my favorite. How sweet!

  9. TJ made our first dance special by dropping me. Yes, dropping me. Everything else was pretty standard. Thank goodness!

  10. Aw...great the father and daughters dance...and the last couple is so adorable!!

  11. We did the same thing for our father/daughter dance - it was nice to have other father/daughters join us. And we did the anniversary dance as well! Thanks for sharing!

  12. what a great idea!!! i love personal touches and your dances look like so much fun!!!

  13. Love that you danced with your Dad to Tim McGraw's My Little Girl- so presh! And sweet idea inviting all the married couples for a dance too! So fun!

  14. That anniversary dance idea is too sweet - I have never heard or seen that done. Very nice :)

    **You look gorgeous**

  15. HOW ADORABLE! I LOVE first dances and daddy/daughter dances! I ESPECIALLY love the song "I Loved Her First", but it came out after Matt and I were married. I cried the first time I heard it. This Texas girl LOVES your country choices! Also, just realized I haven't been following, WHAT THE!?!? No wonder your blog doesn't show up in my blogger feed! You know have a new (me) follower, although I've been following for awhile! Have a great day!