Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Wednesday

My Wedding Veil
I really did NOT want a veil
but after my mom and MOH talked
me into it.. I'm glad I had one!

Here are some funny photos of
getting ready.. and the veil!

not impressed..
do I hate it or love it?
Help me!!
readjust it!!
OK, I will wear it!
at the end of the day I'm really happy I had it


  1. I wasn't sure I wanted a veil at first either, but then I started looking at wedding photos and I loved the pictures of the veil flowing in the wind. I changed my mind a couple times on what type of veil I wanted, and I'm happy with what I ended up with.

  2. you look so beautiful and most of all so happy. great blog!

  3. haha, wedding dress shopping and the whole ordeal really just about did me in. I was DETERMINED to get my dress on my first day of shopping. The dress everybody loved on me I HATED with a passion. And I mean HATED. Unlike you, thank GOD I didn't buy it, lol.

    You look very, VERY gorgeous by the way :) Classic and elegant.

  4. I think you made a great decision! I had the same trouble deciding if I wanted one or not, but in the end I'm SOOO glad I did!

  5. Gosh you were such a stunning bride!!! My future sister-in-law didn't want a viel either and then as soon as the bridal attendant put one on her she HAD to have it!

  6. LOVE your pictures - GORGEOUS GORGEOUS! I had a cathedral veil...and LOVED IT! In fact, I wish I could wear it again ;) he he he he Hope you're having a fabulous day!

  7. What a lovely dress - I love your veil as well too. Glad I came across your blog darlin! :)

  8. I didnt want a veil either but in the end I was glad I had one too! You look so pretty!

  9. Ha love the pics! You looked lovely with it =)