Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thursday....

Ok, so here we go!!
First off:


for this great award!
I truly feel blessed you all read and
enjoy my little blog world and life...
I have passes a long a lot of awards lately
so everyone reading this:
give your self this award!!

More random...
so I got bored last night and when that happens,
it usually means we are going to paint or rearrange a
a room in our house...
I haven't given much attention to our office in a while..
this took me about an hour last night..

this is the view you see as you come up the stairs
to our landing, the office, to the left is our Master bed and bath
to the right is a laundry room and guest bedroom and bath
I just couldn't take this messy view anymore..
you now see this!
a little bit cleaner.. lol
dont judge, yes that is an "outside chair" that we use for the computer..
it is soooo comfortable! we have a REAL office chair that we both hate in the closet !
messy, messy
and becoming a junk room..
nice shop vac, right?
now it wont really look like I'm spying on the neighbors,
It will just look like I'm working, right?
looking in to the guest bathroom
on the left bottom, a pile of extra art..
my hubby has his very own shelves for his magazines,
books, cd's and other stuff..
well, yes that is an old pompom of mine from HS, not his.. lol
custom cable cords all over..
they were driving me nuts!!!

all cleaned up and re-wrapped under the desk
our little Bulldog is a little lost,
I know she is thinking..
"this isn't the way the room was?"

Now I need a new project!

talking about Emma
come 4pm every day she sits on our couch..
and waits for dad..
I could scream and she would NOT look away..
The key word..

and I get this look!

More Random..
so a few weeks ago in my
favorite Friday
I talked about Folex!
Well, a few nights ago I spilled red wine,
{yes, a few nights ago}
so here is proof of my favorite cleaner..
spot of wine..
spray, wait about a miniute...
and lightly scrub!
my left ankle {well, my right, but in the photo
its the left.. you get it!} is still swollen!!
I'm pretty sure running all over Manhattan
was probably not on the top things to do while
still in the healing process.. but come on!!
I want to start running again!!
has anyone sprained an ankle?
how long does it take to heal??


  1. That sucks you sprained your ankle! I have no clue how long they take to heal, but hopefully it is quick.

    RE your comment about LV and Burberry bags.. I actually want the LV Neverfull GM because it would fit everything I need. It's just so expensive. I think I better work awhile before spending that much!

  2. Love the color of your walls... beautiful! And your pup is adorable... and Lacoste is my favorite brand so I just love your socks :)
    Adorable blog!!

  3. YAY for decorating/organizing - it's tiring but so much fun :) Love the wall colors, too! I'm sorry your ankle is sprained! But your ankles look adorable in those Lacoste socks - that's what really matters, right? he he he he Have a great night!

  4. i have a new project - come organize my house haha!

    good job loosing the 2 lbs!!! :)

  5. Nice work on organizing the office - it looks good! I really like the color of the walls as well!

    I sprained my ankle a couple years ago and I swear it took months to completely heal.

  6. i love your office re-do. And b.c of your blog, i bought folex the other day and i love it too! its amazing!

  7. Looks great! I love your puppy! I've always wanted a bulldog! When I sprained my ankle in HS they told me to wait 6-8 weeks before running again. I ran at 3 weeks and regretted it greatly and basically had to wait 10 weeks before it was really comfortable running again :(

  8. Great post! I love seeing before and after photos! Looks great! Isn't it so much more nice working in there now? Your dog is friggin cute!!!

  9. I really enjoy seeing before and afters, nice job =) And I love the color of the walls!

  10. I love this blog and your puppy I want one sooo bad I love him!! lol..I rearrange our furniture like every six months idk I just bored with the way it looks so I rearrange..Have a Great Friday!!


  11. I am sorry to hear about your sprained ankle - But at least your ankle is kept company by super cute socks!!

    Your before/after pictures were super fun to look at. Great job!!