Sunday, January 10, 2010

NYC day 3

Day 3 was pretty much devoted to the Rose Bowl game!

We got up that morning and changed hotels..
we moved from the Lowes Regency to
6 Columbus, a Thompson Hotel.
I would recommend both to travelers to NYC
great locations and service.
The main difference is 6 Columbus is 1/2 the
price of Lowes Regency...

After the Hotel change we thought we would
try to conquer the subway....
as we entered Grand Central we saw
this group of break dancers..

this little boy was amazing!!
Grand Central

Getting ready to watch the game at a bar
that the NYC Oregon alumni were having...
Our hostess Noel!!
Thank you Noel for taking us!

Well, we all know how this ends...
the ducks lost :(

we headed back to the hotel after the game...
with a few stickers in hand

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  1. I love your shirt! I love my Ducks! How fun to watch in NYC- new place to explore after the loss :(