Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Years Eve.. NYC Day 2!

Ok, so I'm finally getting my crap together..

Here are photos of New Years!

Our "courtyard" view..

we woke up to SNOW!!

I always get really excited to see those

white flakes falling from the sky!
Our first stop that day was Dylan's Candy Bar!

I thought it would be cute with my hubbys

name being Dylan and all...

Its owned by Dylan Lauren

Ralph Laurens daughter!

We decided to walk down to Times Square via

Central Park!
So pretty covered in snow..

We finally asked a couple to take our photo!

crazy place we saw on the way..

the Jekyl Club

Radio City Music Hall!

Just as we got in to Times Square the NYC police

started to block off all the streets...

AT 2 PM!!!
so we got in line and went through security...
Yep, by the time we got into the secured areas..

we still had 9 HOURS till midnight!!!

The most asked question we have had is

"where did you go to the bathroom"?

well, we didn't!

we totally knew about this before and

were prepared! lol

we only ate a little in the morning and

really drank NOTHING all day...
Ryan Seacrest filmed a lot in front of us,

so he entertained us and time seemed to fly by!
and then Melissa Rycoft came by us too!

The ball being lifted up!

Fireworks went off every hour on the hour

as another place around the world celebrated

the start of the new year!
Our New Years gear!!
as it got closer to midnight they passed out

more and more fun stuff!

Ok, did anyone see the proposal??

it was FAKE!

Some producers came over to our area and asked
if there were any couples..
They needed a boyfriend/girlfriend
who thought they might get engaged soon...
talk about putting a guy on the spot!!
a couple next to us said they might..
and left with the producers..
they came back after a little while and said
producers wanted to proposal..
they said they want to wait a little longer
and maybe have family around...
a few min later this came up on the jumbo tron!
Jennifer Lopez's performance
10 min left!!
2 min left!!!!!!

can you see all the people in the office building windows?

as they started the 59 second countdown..
you would have thought it was the best
Grand Finally 4th of July firework display
you have ever seen!
29 seconds

4, 3, 2...



The most amazing thing, besides the fireworks
was the confetti!!!
there was SO much
and it was SO pretty!!!!!
so much fell and it just kept coming!!
it was snowed that night and things were kinda
damp, so it started to stick to everything..

look at this car?
it was about a 1/2 block from Times Square!
we walked about 3/4 of a mile back to out hotel
and when we walked into out room this was set up!
My hubby had pre-arranged for a bottle of Argyle
be sent to our room for our arrival!!
what a sweetie!!
We opened the bottle and ordered room service!
about $160 worth of food and wine!!
but remember... we had not eaten all day
and couldn't decide on anything...
so Roasted Chicken, a Pizza, a Club Sandwich
and another bottle of wine is what we settled on.. lol!!
I will NEVER forget this wonderful evening!!


  1. That is awesome! It seems like you had such a wonderful New Year's Eve. I would love to bring in the New Year in NY. You're brave standing in that cold all day but I can only imagine how worth it is was :)

  2. It sounds like you had ana amazing time.

  3. Wow, what a great experience! Your pictures are great. Good thing you knew about the bathroom thing in advance. I would have a serious problem with that!

  4. Omigod, that day looked like soooo much fun :-D Looks like all the standing/waiting was totally worth it. You guys will remember this forever, so cool :-D

  5. SERIOUSLY envious of your trip! This looks like a lot of fun and what a great memory!