Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is it SPRING yet?

Yesterday my hubby
and I got the itch to
go to the Al's Garden
Center! A must if you
live in Portland!
We spent about an
30 min talking with
a very nice gardener
at Al's!
{yep! that's a home made
beer, Thanks baby!}

Our first batch of
Spring flowers!

I love COLOR!

Our new pretty
flowers and on the
right, bottom,

I'm ready for MARCH!!
{right after my b-day
in 13 days!}


  1. I Love the flowers I can't wait till my hubby and I get stationed somewhere so I can start planting flowers again you did a Great job!

  2. You're planting flowers already!? I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spring doesn't come to MI until another 4 months :(

  3. Nick and I will have to start doing some planting soon. We waited too late last year and a lot of things didn't bloom. We're going to give it another try though!

    p.s. Mmm, home made beer!

  4. Wow...I wish we could plant flowers already...but with a foot of snow in the forecast we should probably wait!

  5. Tha puts me right in the spring spirit. I so have an itch to do the same. What a great way to spend some time outside. Unfortunately we have nowhere to plant. Maybe we should plant in a pot :)

  6. Your flowers look so cute! I need to do that soon. I didn't plant any of my winter vegetation either. I am just a slacker!

  7. i wish it was spring!!! i love the flowers :) and homemade beer sounds fab!

  8. How fun!! I can't wait to be able to wear flip flops!! i'm so jealous!

    By the way, thank you so much for your question on my last post...I answered yours on my newest post! Stop by to check it out. ;)

  9. GOSH! I wish it was spring here!! We are in the middle of an ice storm :( cute pics :)

  10. Im SO ready for spring too! You look so cute with your flowers! Seriously how are you wearing flip flops up there and in Texas its freezing right now? Not fair!

  11. Ummm... this kind of just makes me mad. We are supposed to be getting like 12 more inches of snow here on the east coast this weekend. I am so so so jealous!!! Complaining aside, your flowers look adorable!! Love the bright colors! I can't wait until it is warm enough to plant flowers here!!!

  12. I cannot wait to work in my garden!!!!!
    I just have to find something to keep the darn cats away

  13. they are calling for a blizzard here in KY tonight. can't read this.

  14. i agree w/ tay...i can't wait for spring ...flip flops and sun dresses!!! you've got a new follower
    your flowers were beautiful colors! homemade beer? jealous!!