Friday, January 15, 2010

Favorite Fridays!

This weeks Favorite Friday
General Foods International
Suisse Mocha Mix

Its so yummy and its low calorie!
only 30 cal a cup!
I usually don't use a full serving when I make mine
so, mine are probably about 20!
I'm NOT a coffee drinker at all..
but this is pretty yummy!
and SUPER filling!

it has been great for the past week, not being
able to run and pretty much not being active
cause I really want my ankle to heal soon!
I'm pretty sure this has been a key in my loosing
3lbs in 10 days since I have been back from NYC!

the French Vanilla one is great too!

Happy Friday!!


  1. I really like these too! I've never had the low calorie ones though, I'll have to check them out.

    Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I like that too! Also good: 25 calorie Swiss Miss Cocoa. Not half-bad for 25 calories!!! Also, shout-out to you on my blog!

  3. Mmm...that sounds yummy! May have to try that on a cold, winter day! However, I'm definitely not a coffee drinker so that may cause some problems! Have a super weekend.

  4. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Always looking for something other than coffee :) I can't stand coffee.

  6. So glad you found my blog! I love the name Risley.

  7. good job loosing 3 lbs :) and finding something that helps with sweet cravings!

  8. I'm allergic to chocolate... ugh. BUT, I am going to try the French Vanilla for sure!
    Happy weekend!!

  9. YUM! Sounds good both the chocolate and the french vanilla! :) Have a FAB weekend!

  10. Yummy--sounds good! I should definitely look into it, because now that my wedding is fast approaching I'm paying more attention to things like calories. =)

    Beautiful blog! I found you through Brittany at Far More Than Rubies =)