Friday, January 1, 2010

Favorite Friday!

well, I kinda picked an easy one this week...
I'm in New York,
and I'm sure you all know that.. lol!!

So with that in mind..
My favorite food is pizza!
I really could live on pizza till I die!

I'm not super picky...
in any order I could have on it
Canadian bacon
black olive

my motto is
even bad pizza is kinda good

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Pizza is my favorite food too !! Isn't NYC pizza the best !! I love it !

  2. I hope you enjoyed New York! You better have taken a zillion pics!

    Every time i'm there I make the mistake of trying to eat healthy so i've never actually enjoyed the pizza. How regretful!

    Next time i'm there my goal is to gain 5 lbs by eating all the amazing food NY has to offer.

  3. mmm...i had homemade pizza for dinner tonight and come to think of it we had it last night as well! I could eat it all the time!