Monday, January 18, 2010

ask me anything....

Have a question for me?
I have seen this on a few other blogs
so I thought I would try it on mine...
Do you want to know what my
favorite show or book is?
Where my favorite place to shop is?
where my favorite vacation spot is?
How about why I started to blog?
so, ask me anything...
lets get to know each other fellow bloggers..
I will answer all questions later this week!

on a side note...
"shut it down"
"I die"
yep, were going to hear more of this..
I heard Rachel Zoe is coming back for
another season of the Zoe Project!
I love, love, love her!!!

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. What's your favorite recipe?

    And what's your favorite book?

  2. Here's my question for you - How did you and your husband meet and when did you know he was "the one?"

  3. As a matter of fact I do wanna know what got you into bloggin! Spill it lol

    And...What's something about you that we would never, ever, guess?

  4. Oh fun!! ok...What is your favorite TV show? How is your favorite celeb? What would you do if you won the lottery? What is your favorite piece of clothing?

  5. Okay... a few simple ones. What's your favorite color? And if you had to pick a favorite dessert, what would it be?

  6. who would play you in a movie? i hate the question but i love seeing what other people answer with.

    oh and i've been saying bananas long before ms. rachel zoe. haha.

  7. Hmmm . . . this is a good idea to post on a blog:-) Let's see . . . what is your fave "girl's night" activity?

    ~Tamara Nicole~
    P.S. Glad you found my blog too, and now I am following you!!! Readign your profile we're like 2 peas in a pod, we have no kids and 2 dogs, etc.

  8. What's your favorite book in the whole wide world?

  9. where is your favorite place to shop?

    p.s. i'm so excited rachel zoe's show is coming back!! love it!

  10. I love this. Um What do you do for a living? If you could live anywhere where would you live?

  11. If you won the lottery what would you do with all the money?