Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wedding Wednesday!

My RINGS!!!!

ok, so this is kinda a funny post..

I have the ever changing ring!

when Dylan purposed to me it was a total surprise!


I wanted to pick out my RING!

we had talked about getting married

and spending FOREVER with each other

and I was very clear about this one thing..

So when Dylan came home one night with

a ring.. I was VERY surprised!

It was 2 days before HIS birthday

so it was the furthest thing from my mind

{I don't even remember if I got him anything that year!}

He wanted me to be surprised!

and I was!

after I calmed down, he told me we could go back

sometime in the next few days and I could pick

out my DREAM setting!

Well, it wasn't that week.. or month!

I finally picked out a setting 4 months later!

I always knew I wanted Sapphires!

I LOVED this setting!

different, original and very simple!

fast forward one year

A few months before we got married....

Dylan came to me and said

"I really need a new gun"

I told him

"I needed a new solitaire!"

he said

"OK, if I can get a new gun!"

I said "DEAL"

It seemed like everyone was getting a princess cut diamonds

so I upgraded to a brilliant round solitaire

It might have been a little bigger stone too..

{insert Honeymoon story here}

while on our honeymoon,

2 weeks in Cabo San Lucas,

our paths kept crossing with another couple from the south

same restaurants at night,

same days at the pool

usually wearing something similar!

They were celebrating there 10 anniversary!

She had the most amazing ring,

I could not stop talking about this ring!!

{ok, fast forward one year}

For our one year anniversary

Dylan asked me if I REALLY wanted that ring?

"UM, YES!"

I spent time with a jeweler designing my ring that year!

I still have my 1.75 brilliant round diamond

but I changed to having on each side of my diamond

2 sapphires (.8 ct. each) in a prong setting

Its very similar to the photo from above from Tiffany & Co.

I wear it with a ring my mom gave me for college

graduation and of course my wedding band!
Dylan and I both have

Platinum Wedding bands from Tiffany & Co.

mine is really small as you can see

and his 6mm, so pretty big!

to quote my mother on Dylan's ring...

"you know your married when

you have that sucker on!"

People always compliment me on my ring..

and I say "thank you!"

They say "he must have great taste!"

and I say "yes he does"

and smile.....



  1. haha cute story, and I like the blue with the diamond! Gorgeous!!!

  2. That story is too funny! I have two engagement rings and it really throws people off! I have never seen a ring with the sapphires--how pretty! And I think next time hubs tells me he needs a new gun I will say I need another ring :)

  3. That is by far THE most complicated wedding ring story ever. ;)
    Merry Christmas to you and the hubby, and if I don't get a chance to comment before New Years, have an amazing time in New York!

  4. Beautiful ring. My mom has sapphires in her wedding ring as well and it is stunning. Congrats on the upgrades. Giving me a really good idea. :)

  5. Love Love Love your ring! It's so unique with the saphires!! (sp?). I know what you mean about the princess cut diamonds,I originally wanted one, but they were way too common,so I decided on a heart shape! Unique like yours=) I'm loving these Wedding Wednesdays .. considering I'm supposed to be planning a wedding I should do the same!!
    Hope you had an amazing Xmas!! Happy New Year!