Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wedding Wednesday

Something Blue:

Today I return to the real world
after my fall {back to work}

So here is a quick post about my something Blue
I originally bought a few pairs of shoes
to wear during my big day...
I thought I had choose these Ferragamo's

Then someone had mentioned to wear Blue shoes!
I purchased these {Dye-able} as kinda a last min item
since I was already changing sashes I thought
I would do the same thing with my shoes!
And then a few days before the wedding I spotted these
at Victoria Secret when I was shopping at the mall..
No one says you can only have 1
something old
something new
something borrowed
something blue
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love your something blue!! Both pairs of those shoes are adorable, and I can never have too much "something blue" on your wedding day.

    My something blue was a monogrammed dress patch that my aunt made and sewed into the back of my dress. It had my new married initials and the date and I LOVED it!

  2. I love both shoes. My something blue were very cute undies from VS. I still love wearing them and am reminded of the best day of my life!

  3. You definitely can't have too much something blue! I also did the blue thing with my undergarments and I had a hair pin from my great grandma that I stuck in my bouquet. I had already fulfilled the something old requirement and the pin was just too perfect!

  4. Soooo cute and what a great find!!!

  5. I didn't do the "Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue." The only reason being that I had enought to think about and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what my something blue could be! Your shoes and undies are super cute!

    I love Wedding Wednesday! Hope you don't mind if I start to pay along. :)

  6. Ooooh!
    Cute cute little prisssssy panties!

  7. sooo...I definitely did blue panties too haha

  8. cute! i gotta say that i totally forgot about the something blue aspect... maybe it won't happen for me :)

  9. So cute!!! I still need to find myself some wedding shoes. I want to wear pink heels under my dress:)

  10. I had panties with blue bows for our wedding! And wore blue shoes, too... it's fun to show a pop of color.