Monday, December 7, 2009

Seahawk Game!

On Sunday Dylan took me to my
very first NFL Football game!

We set our alarm for 8am
and were out the door by 9am!
Our drive up north was a Little
exciting at times, as the roads were {super} icy!

This is us just arriving
Qwest Field!

Just before the game started

Seahawk players running onto the field!
They played the 49'ers
in a nail biting game,
The Seahawks won with just seconds
on the clock with a field goal!
Fun, Fun, Fun!!
Thank you Dyl!
{and Ken! for the tickets}


  1. Yeah!
    Delighted you were there for a BIG win!
    I know that must have been exciting!
    I was wishing just last night when I saw some coverage of the game that Greg and I were going to a Seahawks game!
    Greg has been...
    I like you have never been to an NFL game!
    Very different from college!
    Roll Tide!
    I guess you know by now we're going to the National Championship!

  2. Looks like FUN! (and a little chilly) :-)

  3. Looks fun!!! I have never been to a pro football game... hmm this would have been the year to go for my team --GO SAINTS!!

  4. How funny, I was at the game too! It was such a fun game - freezing though!

  5. How fun! I'm a big 49ers fan (grew up in SF)so I didn't love the outcome of the game, but I would have loved to be there anyway. Cute scarf!

  6. That looks like it was fun! You and your man look so happy together!! =)

  7. Hi Risley!
    Thanks for follow my blog!
    In your pictures it looks like you had alot of fun!!

  8. looks like fun! I have never been to a NFL game! Oh yeah, I lived in LA most of my life and for a large portion of that we had no team!