Friday, December 11, 2009

From Bad... To Worse...

Thursday started out as any other day
so It may have seemed..

Working in our office on the computer I noticed
one of our neighbors from a few houses down, pacing outside
of the house across the street from mine!
I started to watch him as he looked in the
windows and the garage.. what was he doing??

you see the people across the street moved out
about 10 days ago..
As my TV went silent for a few seconds
going into commercial..

I ran downstairs and out the front door...
{the fire alarm was very loud outside}
I yelled to the neighbor..
"did you call 911?"
"yes, I did" he yelled back "did you see?"
me:"see what?"
him: "the water!"
me: "what water?"
him: "look at the front door!"
then I saw the water...
me: "you know they moved out last week, right?"
him: "yep!"
I ran inside and grabbed my camera and took this photo
you can click on the photos to get a closer look
We told the fire men that it was vacant..
and then they broke the door down!
The pipes had burst inside!
{the night before our low was 9*}
They were able to turn off the alarm after the
water was turned off!
I guess with water going through the walls,
it short circuit the alarm..
If you click on the photo below you can
see all the water falling in the door way!

The firemen we were really nice!
I called our Homeowners Association President
and told her the news...

I wish that was the end...

About an hour later my bulldog Emma
{lassie would have been a better name for her}
was being very weird and crying at the back door,
I let her into the back yard and she started
jumping in the air and barking..
I walked into the back yard and looked around
The house behind us had water dripping from the windows
I called 911!
ran a street over
literally 3 min later they were here!
"long time no see," one of the firemen joked with me!
a lady who lives on that street came out and
filled in the firemen that the owners live most
of the year in California!
Another house with NO HEAT on
and more burst pipes!
UGH! I feel very sorry for these people!

on to WORSE!!
I was looking at the photos on my camera
as I was walking downstairs..
for some reason, I stopped for a min to look at one.
I'm pretty sure my brain thought I was at the bottom
because my next step, took me to the bottom
and I landed {3 stairs down} on my ankle!

My hubby came home from work early and
took me to an Urgent Care down the street..
Fractured Ankle!
So, crutches for at least week..
I should be walking without them in about 2 weeks,
I'm taking in easy, elevating it and doing everything
the Doc tells me..
NYC in 3 weeks!!!

So to top off the day..
we came home to our new addition to our fish tank
That was my {SUCKY} Thursday!!


  1. Sounds like a very interesting day for sure! Hope your ankle gets better in time!

  2. What a horrible day!!! :-( Hope your ankle heals quickly, feel better, and relax this weekend!

  3. Oh! I'm so very sorry! Especially about your ankle! I hope it heals quickly and you're on your feet and ready for dancing in merriment in no time! Thanks for sharing about the pipes...I didn't even know that could happen! What a mess!

  4. ohhh...what a chaotic day! I certainly hope your ankle gets to feeling better very very soon!

  5. Sorry to hear about your ankle. If you need anything let me know!

  6. Wow, that really was a bad day!
    I hope your ankle heals quickly so you can dance the night away on New Years!

  7. That's horrible about those two houses and your poor ankle! Get better soon, or else you might want to look a getting a walking boot for NY.

  8. I'm so sorry you had such a hard day! I hope you're having a relaxing weekend right now and enjoying yourself!

  9. I am just getting caught up on your blog, and this sounds HORRIBLE! I am so sorry!!!

  10. Holy moly, what a day!! That's one big ball of craziness. Hope your ankle heals quickly!