Friday, December 4, 2009

Favorite Friday!

So, my pick this week is my new phone
Samsung Moment

I'm trying to think of my life with out it..
{i have had it for 2 days!}

Its similar to the iPhone
but for Sprint
It has similar applications
but most are free,
unlike the iPhone

The applications are from google
so they think it will have double the applications
AT&T has for the iPhone by next year!

I'm not going to lie..
I totally wanted the iPhone
but i have an incredible plan with sprint.
I'm really not too sure how I got it
{its listed as a corporate account}
So I wont be leaving them anytime soon!

whats your favorite phone?
Blackberry, Palm, iPhone?


  1. I am glad you are in love with your new phone :) I use to have a blackberry, which I ADORED, and now I have an IPhone that I feel lost without when it isn't around!

    So sad...

  2. I would say iphone..thats what I have and I love it !! Your phone sounds cool though !!

  3. I too am looking for new phone, but can not leave Sprint. Good thing to know there is this option! Thanks!

  4. So glad you shared this! I too, have Sprint and want an iphone SO BAD. I don't like the slide out keyboard though. I have one now and am so over it.