Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Crafty is not exactly the
word I would use to describe myself..
I would like to think I have "good taste"
but making things is not a normal thing for me!
I would love to be able to spend
{more} time on being creative..

I had a ton of ornaments in our closet
and ran across this {web site}
and thought this was a cute idea!

you start out with a wire coat hanger and ornaments

I laid mine out in a pattern that I
thought would be cute
and started "stringing" them on the wire~

you cant really make out that
it is pretty square

Here is where I hung it!
over our fireplace!

How did I do at being crafty? lol!
anyone have any other easy craft projects?


  1. I looove that craft! I really want to do it too. Yours looks fantastic, love the colors! Great job :-)

  2. Wow!! GREAT job!! The colors look great together and I love where you have hung it! Yay you!

  3. oooh i love it!! and it looks round to me!

  4. I found this site a while ago but just haven't gotten around to making one. Good job! Its fun being crafty, isnt it?!

  5. I don't do much crafting either, but love to feature other people's craft on my blog! You did great! The wreath looks beautiful and festive.

  6. You are CRAFTY!! You just didn't know it. Your wreath is adorable and looks awesome over your fire place:)

  7. Love this idea! And love your color choices! Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

  8. SO crafty! You did such a great job!

  9. ohh.... that is super cute! =)
    They would make for great gifts too!

  10. What a cute idea! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I am not at all crafty either. You did a great job though, it looks really pretty!

  12. I want to make one of these soooooo bad. It seems like every blog I got to has pictures of these darn things- I WANT ONE!!! You may have pushed me over the edge. I think I'll buy supplies so I can make mine while I am snowed in this weekend!